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Flag Festival 2023 in Scheveningen The Hague June 18. Events

Flag Festival

WHERE: The Hague / Scheveningen, Netherlands
WHEN: 17 June 2023

Vlaggetjesdag, which literally takes on the meaning of “Flag Day” is a maritime event in the Netherlands, celebrated for over 100 years in some of the country’s most important ports.

At the time, to celebrate the beginning of the fishing season, a large party was organized, generally on the first Saturday after Pentecost. The boats displayed flags and banners (hence the name) to celebrate the first outing to sea after winter. All the inhabitants flocked to admire the beautifully decorated boats.

Today, the name (Flag Festival) and the spirit of this 100-year-old festival have been preserved, while modifying the original meaning. Today, in fact, the first herring of the season is celebrated, the so-called Hollandse nieuwe, a real highlight of the area.

This is the best time to enjoy herring: not too lean, not too fat. You can try to win the first catch, brought to the seashore, and sold at auction. The proceeds, however, will be donated to charity!
Between food, music, and spectators in traditional dress, fun will be guaranteed.

Flag Festival The Hague Holland

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The Flag Festival takes place in the ports of IJmuiden, Vlaardingen and, above all, Scheveningen.
It is in Scheveningen that the most important, loved and renowned festival in the whole country is celebrated.

The beach is famous for its lively and long pier, and is easily accessible from The Hague, which is just 5 kilometers away.
From the center of The Hague you can use bus 22 or the faster tram 9. The journey takes between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the vehicle.


Since 2006, the official date has been established from year to year by the traders, maintaining the rule of Saturday.
The 2023 edition of the Flag Festival officially takes place on June 18, starting from 10:00 until approximately 19:00.

Entrance to the area is FREE, except in areas where it is otherwise specified.
Obviously you pay for what you consume.


On June 17, over 200,000 spectators await you to attend the event. From the morning on, all of Scheveningen will be a riot of waving flags.
As usual, there will be events, games and activities for everyone, especially children.
In the afternoon, not to be missed, the re-enactment in costume, with the wives greeting the fishermen on the ships.
The Herring Party will follow: Holland’s largest herring party. And, then, the traditional songs of the sailors, in which visitors can try their hand.
At the party, there is always something to do, and to see.

Scheveningen is a very devoted community. For this reason, the ceremony is not limited to entertainment only. The following day, in fact, at noon an appointment with the expected religious service.


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