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Christmas in Nuremberg 2022 and best markets in Germany

Christmas in Nuremberg

WHERE: Nuremberg, Germany
WHEN: from 25 November to 24 December 2022

The most loved, well-known and appreciated Christmas market in Germany, whose origins date back to the 17th century! A truly extraordinary market with great atmosphere and charm.

Christmas in Nuremberg, now, almost everywhere is wonderful. Stand. Stalls. Big decorations and lights. Christmas in Nuremberg, however, has something magical and truly unique. Despite the incredible influx, it continues to remain firmly rooted in its origins and traditions. From the almost maniacal care of each exhibitor. To the quality of artisanal and gastronomic products.

Christmas in Nuremberg

The aromas and smells that invade the main square are an invitation to taste. The legendary Lebkuchen, Nuremberg gingerbread, prepared in all shapes and sauces. Perfect as a gift, in the beautiful decorated boxes.
Nuremberg sausages: impossible not to be tempted.
The weird characters of plum: you will bring it home, surely one.

And, as a backdrop, Nuremberg. A truly wonderful city. Live slowly, letting yourself be transported through its alleys and splendid squares. Here, you could meet the Christkind, a true symbol of Nuremberg Christmas. With her white and golden dress, long blonde curls and golden crown, from 1969 is chosen every two years among young girls. It is up to him every year to officially open the Christkindlesmarkt on Friday before the first Sunday of Advent, at 17:30. This year, appointment with the Ceremonial opening with prologue, Friday, November 25th.


The market of the Bambin Gesù, one of the most loved and appreciated in Europe and in the world. The numbers are staggering, with over 2 million visitors.
A success that goes far beyond simple numbers.

It takes place at Haupt Markt, the market square, right in the center. Here, 200 stalls are set up, with products from the Nuremberg tradition. Everything is synonymous with great quality. Both from the craftsman’s and the gastronomic point of view. And, of course, everything is taken care of in every single detail.

Sausages. Gingerbread. Fruity pan. Desserts. The inevitable men of plum. And so much vin brûlé to warm up. The decorations and decorations are also beautiful. Candles. Wood products.
And do not forget to bring home a Rauschgoldengel, the beautiful golden angel, symbol of Christmas in Nuremberg.

The markets open every day, from 10:00 to 21:00. The December 24, close at 14:00.


The great protagonists of Christmas in Nuremberg can only be children. And then, one of the markets not to be missed is the one set up to just a few minutes from the main square. A nostalgic two-level carousel, a mini ferris wheel and even a steam railway await you.

The houses are decorated for children.
There are many activities and workshops dedicated to children. Creations of decorations and sweets to decorate with their tastes. And lots of stands, and of course, the inevitable post office to mail the letter.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 14.30, there is the Christkind, to talk to, take pictures or deliver a gift list.


Photo ©, Tourismus Nürnberg


Nuremberg has always been known for its international character. A city that has always promoted understanding and union between different cultures. And this character was also distinguished during the Nuremberg Christmas markets.

This is the spirit that characterizes the Sister Cities market. A few hundred meters from the Market Square, the stalls of the twin cities are set up.
Antalya, Atlanta, Brasov, Krakow, Glasgow, Nice, Prague, Shenzhen, Skopje and many other cities are represented here.
A beautiful and evocative market, where you can find typical products and delicacies from all over the world.

And do not forget to savor the excellent “Sister City Vin Brûlé”, or buy a book at the stand of the Department for International Relations. The proceeds will be donated to charity.

The Sister Cities market takes place at the Rathausplatz Nuremberg, with the same hours of the market at Haupt Markt.


During the Advent period, the German city presents a rich calendar of events, initiatives, and entertainment for all ages.

One of the traditional events not to be missed will be the suggestive Lantern Procession. Magic and charm for a beautiful procession with about 100 participants (pupils, children and teachers) who parading with lanterns and bright stars. The procession starts from the Kaiserstraße, through the Fleischbrücke, to the Main Market Square, and ends at the Castle.

In Spitalgasse, between the Christkindlesmarkt and the children’s market on Hans-Sachs-Platz, you can admire beautiful nativity decorations depicting the birth of Christ. In the Church of St.Egidien, not far from the main market, beautiful nativity scenes from different eras are exhibited.

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