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Carnaval 2022 para festejar... en tiempos de Covid. los mejores eventos

Carnaval 2022

Carnival 2022, or more precisely … Carnival at the time of COVID.
Covid continues to change our habits, but certainly not the desire to celebrate. And, so, we are left with a calendar of events spread over 4 months. From February, up to the summer.

There are those who have thrown in the towel (Ivrea). Those who have decided to focus on safety while keeping the program unchanged. Who, like the organizers of the Venice Carnival, has revisited the festival with a softer program.
And, then, there are sacred monsters (Rio de Janeiro or Santa Cruz de Tenerife) who have simply postponed the celebrations.

Here is the updated calendar of some of the most important celebrations of Carnival 2022.

Carnival 2022 at the time of Covid


Rio, Cadiz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife represent, from our point of view, the places where the Carnival finds its maximum expression.
In the Top Ten of the Carnival parties not to be missed. In order not to distort the program, the organizers opted for a simple postponement, keeping the program unchanged.
Here are the new official dates:

Acireale, Italy. April 21
Cadiz, Spain. From 09 to 19 June.
Rijeka, Croatia. June (at the moment only the month has been made official).
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From 20 to 30 April.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. From 04 to 06 June.


Basel Fasnacht. Switzerland. From 07 to 09 March.
Binche, Belgium. From February 27th to March 1st.
Cologne, Germany. From 24 February to 01 March 2022.
Corfu, Greece. From February 20 to March 02.
Hlinecko, Czech Republic. From February 26th to March 1st.
Lucerne, Switzerland. From February 24th to March 1st.
Mardi Gras New Orleans, USA. 01 March
Menton (Lemon Festival), France. From 12 to 27 February.
Nice, France. From 11 to 27 February.
Notting Hill London, England. From 27 to 29 August.
Prague, Czech Republic. From 25 February to 01 March.
Venice, Italy. From 12 February to 01 March, with a reduced program (Angel’s Flight Canceled).
Viareggio, Italy. From 12 February to 05 March.

Unfortunately, the historic Carnival of Ivrea and the Battle of the Oranges will not take place even for 2022.


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