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Rijeka Carnival 2024, 11 February. Best croatian carnival. Program

Rijeka Carnival

WHERE: Fiume, Croatia
WHEN: 11 February 2024

A Carnival deeply linked to the origins and traditions that, over the years, has evolved, becoming a national reference point.
The Rijeka Carnival, or Riječki karneval as they call it in these parts, is one of the most anticipated events in the city, and in Croatia.
An event that also draws the attention of national television stations that broadcast the event live. Thanks to the whole audience, he managed to cross national borders.

A truly special Carnival that reflects the character of the citizens, and of an entire nation. Cheerful, stubborn, fun, colorful … the Rijeka Carnival is an event not to be missed. Under the motto of “Krepat, ma ne molat“, that is, you die but don’t give up!

An event that originated in the 19th century, but it was only in the early 1980s that it took on its current features.
The central moment of the event is the splendid parade, which takes place on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. Many visitors come from all over Croatia and neighboring Italy to admire the event. Among the various groups and masks that we see parading, there is the Morčić, who parades at the head of the procession. He is the symbol of the city and of the Rijeka Carnival.

The Sunday Times has included the event among the 500 most important in Europe. One more reason not to miss this appointment, and admire the beautiful city on the Kvarner Bay.

Rijeka Carnival 10022013 2 roberta f

Photo ©, Roberta F.



Rijeka can be reached easily by plane, landing at the nearby international airport on the island of Krk, about 25km away. Alternatively, you can make a stopover in Zagreb, and continue with the Croatia Airlines bus. The journey takes about 2 hours.

Once you reach the city, you can easily move on foot, and move between the main points of interest.


Any noteworthy event … has its Queen. This also happens during the Rijeka Carnival. The Queen is elected after a special competition, to become the spokesperson for the masked groups. It is then up to her to lose part in all the main events during the event.

Meštar Toni is the master of the Carnival, to which the Mayor of Rijeka hands the keys to the event, becoming a sort of Mayor of the Carnival.

Morčić is the symbol of the city and the Carnival of Fiume. You can admire it as it parades during the procession, in black mask and turban.


Sunday 11 February 2024, at 12:00 o’clock, the mayor of Rijeka, the Queen and Mestar Toni, kick off the party, from the stage in front of the Town Hall.

The various groups are presented and begin to parade.
The procession crosses the main streets of the city, and, of course, the Korzo.
The Queen parades together with her own group.
Spectators can watch the procession on the sides of the course.
The procession ends around 20:30, with the Halubje bell-ringers, always the last to parade.
From 21:00, great closure with the expected Pust Fire. It is a puppet which, every year, is given a satirical name, generally referring to a political figure. Transported to sea, on a boat, it is set on fire.

Rijeka Carnival Parade

Photo ©, Guba Zoky Rabko


CDJS is the extraordinary Carnival DJ Session. A fantastic event to dance and go wild, strictly in costume. Rendezvous at the Karolina Riječka pier, in the unique location of Ex Port Delta.

Carnival Snowboard Session is one of the unmissable events of the Carnival. An extraordinary snowboard competition on an artificial snow slope near the sea. Really unique and incredible.
Local and international athletes participate. At the end, awards ceremony, concerts and Afterhours party.

Carnival is, of course, an event that has always attracted the attention of children. The Rijeka Carnival is no exception with a rich program of events and programs dedicated to children.
Not to be missed, in particular, the parade of children along the Korzo, between incredible characters and creatures of fairy tale and fantasy.

*The program, timetable and all information contained herein are for information purposes only and are not to be considered OFFICIAL.

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