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Reykjavik. How to get to the island by ship, plane. Distances, connections


A capital with a fiery soul!
Closer geographically to Greenland, than to Europe, Reykjavik is very often compared to the idea of ​​cold, and ice.
Like all Iceland, after all.

Reykjavik is not a capital like the others. You will not find exclusive boutiques and trendy bars. Fine and avant-garde cuisine. Events of international renown.
It is not a fashionable place.

But, a holiday in Reykjavik, and in Iceland, leaves an indelible mark.
You can sense it right away, as soon as you set foot in the city, strolling through its alleys, picturesque houses and avant-garde buildings.
Savoring the island delicacies. Or let yourself be pampered by the slow and calm rhythms of the place.

A land capable of captivating travelers, bloggers, intellectuals and historians. A city that knows how to be lively and hospitable.
And that, maybe, if you were in the right place, at the right time, it could give you one of the most incredible and wonderful natural spectacles: the Aurora Borealis!




Extremely far from the mainland, the island can be reached, almost exclusively, by air.
A few kilometers from the capital, there is a small airport used for charter flights and national connections.

Keflavik‘s international airport is instead a point of reference for flight connections, just over 40 km from Reykjavik.
Modern and efficient, the airport is connected with daily direct flights to the main European destinations, and the Great Capitals.

As soon as you land, by bus, taxi, or by renting an aura, you can easily reach your destination.


Reaching the Icelandic capital by sea is, undoubtedly, an incredibly suggestive and fascinating solution.
Duration, crossing and costs, however, make the option impractical.
The Smyril Line shipping company, every week guarantees a connection to / from Hirtshals, in Denmark. The ship makes a stopover in the Faroe Islands, before docking in the village of Seyðisfjörður, located on the eastern side of Iceland, about 670 km from Reykjavik!

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The City



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