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Flambeaux Procession 2023, traditional procession, 31 December

Flambeaux Procession

WHERE: Comrie, Scotland
WHEN: 31 December 2023

Fire as a purification to drive out all the evil spirits of the year just ended, and to start the new year in the best possible way.
Fire as the only common denominator of Hogmanay, the traditional Scottish New Year which, almost everywhere, sees it as the protagonist of large bonfires and fires.

Among the many events scattered all over the country, the Flambeaux Procession, in the small village of Comrie, has found more and more success among visitors, attracted by the spectacularity of these flaming torches that exceed 3 meters in height.

Each year, at midnight, these extraordinary flaming torches light up the city at dusk, for a truly unique spectacle. During the event, songs, dances and the unmissable ceilidh evening, to get 2024 off to a great start

Hogmanay in Scotland and Flambeaux Procession in Comrie

Photo ©, Scottish Rural Network



Comrie is a small village in Pertshire, just under 100 kilometers north of Edinburgh.
Comrie can be reached by car from the capital in about an hour and a half, via the M90 (fastest route)
From Glasgow it takes about an hour, crossing the M80.
Scottish Citylink guarantees more or less regular connections with Comrie, with bus 913. The journey takes about 2 hours.
From Glasgow, take the E3 bus (Ember) to Broxden and continue with the 913 bus, for a total of 150 minutes.


Attending the Flambeaux Procession is totally free and you don’t need to buy any entrance tickets. You can personally take part in the procession, or watch as a mere curious from one of the streets of the city.


Appointment on December 31st, just before midnight, in Melville Square, near the Royal Hotel. Here, a group of selected inhabitants will have the task of transporting the traditional 3 meter high poles, which are surmounted by large sacks set on fire (the Flambeaux).
At the same time, the traditional ceilidh to celebrate the New Year begins from Melville Square, while the Flambeaux procession continues through the streets of Comrie, amidst music and masked parades.

Headed by musicians and bagpipers, the parade reaches the banks of the River Earn for the traditional ceremonial of the launch of the Flambeaux. In this way, the city can be freed from all evil spirits.


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