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Cooking And Food Festival 2023 Copenhagen, 18 - 28 August

Cooking And Food Festival

WHERE: Copenhagen, Denmark
PLACE: from 18 to 27 August 2023

In August, taste and good danish food are celebrated. Appointment from 18 August 2023, with Copenhagen Cooking And Food Festival. Ten days of pleasure for all the senses in the beautiful Danish capital.

The Festival, by now, can be counted among the most interesting gastronomic events of the Scandinavian panorama. A Festival that combines pleasure and taste with aromas. The whole city is an authentic explosion of flavors, with hundreds of events and initiatives scattered throughout the city. There really is something for everyone.

The Cooking And Food Festival has overcome all the initial skepticism. It is no coincidence that, in recent years, has attracted around 100000 visitors in what is, for good reason, the Scandinavian culinary capital. Nor is it a coincidence that the city hosts one of the most renowned restaurants in Northern Europe, the Toma.

You will be spoiled for choice among gastronomic excellence of the Nordic tradition, and more elaborate dishes. You can choose between different types of restaurants and initiatives according to your tastes. From the intimate dinner with the chef to the mega party. Choose and … taste

Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival Denmark

Photo ©, News Oresund

The Festival is the right occasion to discover a fantastic city, to be explored on foot, by bike or by boat, along its evocative and fascinating canals. Gastronomy lovers will find pleasing satisfactions to the Torvehallerne, splendid indoor market dedicated to food. In addition, competitions and competitions will not be missing during the Festival.

There will also be competitions and competitions during the Festival. And, for the first time, the “city of friendship” will be introduced this year to explore the art, culture and gastronomy of a friendly city. This year it will be Zurich‘s turn.



Kastrup International Airport connects the Danish capital with numerous European and world destinations. The plane is, without a doubt, the most convenient and quickest way to get to Denmark. The airport is located at 8 km from the city center, and is well connected by public transport. All info, companies and connections from Kastrup Airport, they are available on our official page.

Once you reach the center, you can move around in search of your favorite restaurant, party or event.

Sandwiches at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen

Photo ©, Donatingpictures


As usual, there will be many activities and events related to the Festival, all over Copenhagen. Prices vary depending on the event. Here are some rather interesting:

  • CALIFORNIA BOILING PARTY. Along the pier, you can enjoy a delicious dinner consisting of crabs, chorizos, sweet potatoes, corn and prawns with various mayonnaises, lemon, bread and butter. A mega communal table will be set up at the Kayak Bar. Price DKK 597 per person.
  • FESTIVAL SQUARE. For just three days, from 25 to 27 August, in the heart of Copenhagen there will be workshops, culinary experiences, conferences and music. The protagonist will be the Open Sandwich, one of the most famous dishes in the capital. This will also be the heart of the activities in Zurich, partner city of the 2023 edition.
  • SOUNDS OF FOOD. Food inspired by music, between flavors, colors and sounds. Imagine what it would be like to taste music and listen to food !!
  • CHILDREN. There will be many activities in which children will be protagonists. You can take the whole family to a joint dinner at Frederiksberg Skolehave; or, send your child to a playful workshop in LêLê, joining the best chefs in the kitchen of the Michelin Kokkeriet restaurant or for a refined dining experience at the Alchemist.
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES. Every day, in the city, there will be unique and unmissable events. Appetizers. Picnic. Shellfish dinners. Workshop, and much more. There really is something for all tastes.

Many restaurants have limited availability and, therefore, it may be quite difficult to enter. It is advisable, where possible, to book well in advance.


Like the other Northern Capitals, finding economic structures is quite complicated. Hotel prices, especially in the center, are quite high. The advice is to stay in a structure, even distant from the center, near a public transport stop. The latter are notoriously excellent and reliable. In addition, you can have an active meter every day, 24 hours on 24!

From this link, the best offers for sleeping in Copenhagen.


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