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Burning of Clavie 2024, curious new year in Scotland, 11 January

Burning of Clavie

WHERE: Burghead, Scotland
WHEN: 11 January 2024

If you have missed the New Year’s Eve celebrations, or, more simply, you are one of those for whom “the holidays never end”, then you can’t miss the Burghead New Year… 11 January!

That’s right.
In this Scottish town, in Moray, it has been customary for over two centuries to greet the last of the year (Hogmanay) even 11 days after the fateful date, according to the old Julian calendar.
The introduction of the Gregorian calendar, in fact, created discontent among the inhabitants who clamored for the fateful 11 lost days (those of difference between the two calendars). As a sign of rebellion, they decided to carry around the traditional wooden barrel (Clavie) and then set it on fire from the hill.

The Burning of Clavie has ancient origins, which are lost over the centuries. Today it has become one of the most anticipated events of the inhabitants as well as an incredible testimony to how much the Scots love Hogmanay.
The event is the perfect excuse to celebrate the New Year twice.

Burning of Clavie Hogmanay in Burghead Scotland

Photo ©, CaptainOates



Burghead is a small village of just 200 souls, in the north-east of Scotland, overlooking the bay of the same name, located over 270 kilometers away from the capital.
The starting point for getting to Burghead is Inverness, which is just over 50 kilometers away.
You can reach the Scottish town by car and by bus, with a stopover in Elgin. In this case you have to use bus 10 for Elgin and, from here, change to Line 32 for Burghead. The bus stops in central Church Street.
The service is managed by Stagecoach. The route lasts a total of 150′


Attending the Burning of Clavie is totally free and you do not need to acuiate any entrance ticket. You can personally take part in the procession, or watch as a mere curious from one of the streets of the city.


Appointment on Thursday 11 January 2024 for the procession at the head of which is the flaming Clavie (a large wooden barrel with many staves), which is carried around the whole country, up to the Doorie hill. Here, in the final destination, there are the remains of the ancient Fort and a large stone mound in which the Clavie is wedged with tar and still burned.
The fire show blazes and we witness this Burning of Clavie, until the smoldering remains are dropped from the hill to the country.
According to tradition, being able to grab a piece of the Clavie will bring luck. Try to secure yourself a piece of this luck!


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