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Emerging destinations 2020 worldwide. Guide, ranking, Top Ten

Emerging destinations 2020

Looking for the emerging destinations 2020? The result could not be taken for granted.
As per tradition, moreover.
Just take a look at the podium to account.

Tripadvisor, also this year, has put together the votes and reviews of travelers in the last year. Through a cross-analysis with the booking interest, the positive increase year on year was measured. And therefore, the ranking of destinations preferred by travelers on the rise, or the ranking of the best Emerging destinations 2020 was drawn up.

Emerging destinations 2020

The award reaches its VIII edition this year.
The needs of the whole world have been taken into consideration; an impressive amount of data to say the least! In addition to the European and world rankings, the Top Ten for Asia, the United States and South America have also been drawn up.
The gold medal, worldwide, went to Kalingrad, Russia. Founded by the Teutonic Knights in the thirteenth century, it is famous for the presence of the largest amber mine in the world. Among the most interesting attractions are the splendid 14th century Königsberg cathedral and the zoo.
Placement of honor for the Albanian Saranda, a city and a country on the rise. Beirut, in Lebanon, closed the podium.


Here is the Top Ten of the best emerging conditions in the world.

10 – Curaçao, Constituent nation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
09 – La Paz, Mexico
08 – Monopoli, Italy
07 – Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
06 – Island of Rugen, Germany
05 – Naoussa, Greece
04 – Luxor, Egypt
03 – Beirut, Egypt
02 – Saranda, Albania
01 – Kalingrad, Russia


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