March Events. Guide and practical information on the best 2020 festivals
March, a month with strong colors … green

Usual appointment with the best events of March. And of course, the first floor is up to the traditional St. Patrick’s Day, from the 13 to the 17. All of Ireland is celebrating the Saint, whose recurrence falls on 17 day. From Cork to Donegal, from Galway to Kerry, there is no area where Saint Patrick is not properly celebrated. And, of course, Dublin. Shows, performances and extraordinary parades await you. This is the best opportunity to appreciate a truly wonderful city, and an incredibly energetic and creative people.

The right opportunity to feel a little “Irish”.

Best March Events This, however, is also the month of Fallas de Valencia, one of the most anticipated events of the year, by the inhabitants. The event takes place from 01 to 19, reaching its peak in the last 4 days. Try to make a jump in the wonderful Valencia, just in this period. You will discover a magical city, deeply linked to its tractions. The Fallas de Valencia are, without a doubt, one of the best events in March. An extraordinary festival, declared an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO, which brings together, to perfection, satire, tradition, art and feeling for their land.

Just at the beginning of the month, two manifestations of international appeal come to an end in France and Spain: the Lemon Festival, and Cadiz Carnival. Without a doubt, among the best festivals and events of March. Both, linked to the tradition and customs of their land, much loved and appreciated. Always remaining on the theme of Carnival, Basel is one of the few cities where the event is celebrated days after February 25th. A Carnival “outside the lines” halfway between spontaneous event and organized event. Around here they call it Frau Fasnacht, but it is universally known as the Basel Carnival. An event that is now part of the cultural and folkloristic identity of the city. An event which, due to its uniqueness, has been recognized by UNESCO, an intangible heritage of humanity!

However, if you want a succulent Oktoberfest entree, you can not miss it Monaco Starkbierfest. Less international than the Festa di Settembre and, precisely for this reason, more authentic and genuine. From 13 to 31 March, days of pure fun await you at the beautiful location of the Paulaner am Nockherberg; though, other smaller producers open their doors to the Monaco Starkbierfest 2019. The event takes place in the Munich metropolitan area. There are stands just like at the Oktoberfest, and 4 major labels including Paulaner and Löwenbräu. Without a doubt, among the best festivals and events of March, within the gastronomic festivals.

Staying on the subject, if you were in the beautiful Catalonia, over the weekend from 13 to 15 do not hesitate to take a trip to Farga de L’Hospitalet, 10 kilometers from Barcelona. The Barcelona Beer Festival, with the most important local and international producers. You will be able to try out different 350 labels. Really extraordinary.

Holland is a land of charm and great traditions. Of great places and beautiful landscapes. From 21 March, for almost two months, spring is celebrated in an explosion of perfumes and colors. Keukenhof awaits you with the most beautiful spring garden in the world, with over 32 hectares of flowers and a total of 800 varieties of tulips. A truly incredible and sensational experience. A unique and wonderful place, between magic and colors. To be counted, certainly, in the Top 10 of the best events of March.

Lots of music in the program, among the main 2020 March events. From 14 to 21, all the spectacular charm of Tomorrowland awaits you. For a whole week, Tomorrowland Winter invade the spectacular Alps of Huez for an event destined to be sold-out in a short time. As usual, after all. Because Tomorrowland is much more than just a festival. A real sensory experience The fans of electronic music, dance and techno, will be able to console themselves with the last of the three itinerant events of the Garosnow. From the 06 to the 08 March, there is the expected final rush of the snowport festival at Luchon. From 21 to 28, however, you can go wild for 7 days … at sub-zero temperatures with Snowboxx. An epic week, in an incredible Arena in the mountains, in the company of extraordinary DJs and singular and incredible locations.

Final mention for the splendid Dubai which, until March 14, hosts one of the most important events in all the Emirates. Dubai Food Festival is an international festival focused on gastronomy. An event that celebrates, and promotes, the diversity, creativity and multicultural offer of the city; from the proposals of the local tradition, to those of over 200 different nationalities. There really is something for all tastes.