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Kampung Pelangi, the Rainbow Village in Indonesia. Info, guide

Kampung Pelangi

From ugly duckling to swan. This is how the recent history of this lively Indonesian village could be summarized.
It was once a real open hello slum, with about 250 houses immersed in total decay.

The idea of ​​redeveloping the entire neighborhood stems from an idea of ​​a local school principal and the locals.
The result is there for all to see: Kampung Pelangi is now a real attraction for all of Indonesia.

A fascinating “Rainbow Village”, with houses in the bright colors of the rainbow. The stripes. Creative and imaginary murals ….

Kampung Pelangi

Is it really a Street Art jewel? Or, as many have branded it, is it just a tourist gimmick? A mere social phenomenon?
The truth, as always, may lie somewhere in between.
Certainly, Kampung Pelangi represents a means by which to redeem oneself from degradation.

If art is knowing how to convey emotions, then there is no doubt that we are dealing with a gem of Street Art. And, however small it may be considered, this place, so beautiful and lively, is truly to be admired.



The beautiful Indonesian Village is located in Randusari in the south of Semarang.
Ahmad Yani is the closest international airport to the village. It is located about 10 km from Semarang. About 5 million passengers pass through here every year.
Daily flights are guaranteed with Jakarta International Airport, the most important and busiest in all of Indonesia.

Landed in Semarang, you can reach Kampung Pelangi by taxi. The exchange rate with the Indonesian Rupiah is quite advantageous and the prices are quite cheap.
The basic taxi fare starts at Rp 35,000, approximately € 2 (exchange rate, November 2020)


Today, in what is nicknamed the “Rainbow Village” you can admire spectacular houses with bright colors; murals; dazzling panels and stripes, and much more.
The village is not particularly large.


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