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Getting around Cadiz by train, bus, boats. Tickets price, timetable

Getting around Cadiz

Bus, train, boat: the alternatives for getting around Cadiz, and in the Bahía, are really manifold. Thanks to the Consorcio de Transportes – Bahía de Cadiz, which unites many transport companies, you can use a single ticket on city buses, interurban buses and boats.
In the historic center, of course, you can easily move on foot.


In general, buses are a fairly reliable solution for getting around in Cádiz and reaching, in particular, the surrounding areas.
Buses operate daily, from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 06:00 around to 23:00.
Schedules, however, are subject to change depending on the line and the day.
The lines operate is urban, continuing on a long distance route to Jerez and other destinations.
The MD line, the only one operated by RENFE, allows you to reach the nearby Jerez-La Parra international airport.
The bus is recommended especially for medium / long haul journeys.


Cercanías de Cadiz C1 it is a suburban railway service, just under 60 km, which connects Cadiz to Jerez de la Frontera.

It is managed by the Spanish RENFE, reference company in the railway connections of the country.
A small branch, identified by the initials C2, connects the University of Cadiz.
The urban stretch of the C1 line, consists of 5 stops, up to Cortadura; then continue to San Fernando until you reach Jerez.
The train is the best, and fastest, solution in medium-haul links.
It works every day, from Cadiz, from 06:15 to 22:15, with frequency from 30 to 60 minutes.
The urban journey takes about 10 minutes. The complete journey, around 45′.

Getting around Cadiz


A practical, suggestive and ecological way for getting around Cadiz and the beautiful Bahía, reaching Rota and Puerto Santa Maria.

In service, two lines depart from the Terminal Maritimo di Cadiz.
The B042 line connects Cadiz and Puerto Santa Maria every day. It works every day, from Monday to Sunday, with a crossing time of about 30 ‘. First race, on weekdays, at 07:45 from Cadiz; weekends and holidays, first race at 10:10.
The B-065 Line, on the other hand, connects Rota in about 25 minutes. It works every day, from 07:45 on weekdays, and from 10:40 on holidays and weekends.


The tariff system is based on the number of jumps made on a trip, from the origin to the destination, according to a pre-established scheme.

Anyone wishing to move to Cadiz, by bus or boat, within the urban area alone, will not make any leaps, and will be subject to payment of the minimum fare.

The Billette Sencillo it is a common ticket that allows you to make a single journey. The urban fare (0 jumps) is €1.10 per person, for a trip within 45′ from the validation.

The Tarjeta de Transportes, instead, it is a rechargeable card that allows you to travel, at a reduced price, on the entire network. It is available in the anonymous and nominative version.
You can load it with money that will be deducted on each trip. A deposit of €1.50 must be paid.

To travel by boat, the long distance tariff applies. On the line for Puerto Santa Maria, which includes 5 jumps, the Billette Sencillo costs 3.15€ per person; with the Tarjeta, however, you will pay the discounted rate of 1.53€.
On the Rota line, which includes 7 jumps, the price is 5.25€ (2.72€ with Tarjeta de Transportes).

To move to Cadiz by train, you must purchase a special ticket, the price of which, also in this case, varies depending on the number of jumps. The price varies from a minimum of €1.80 per person, to a maximum of €4.05 for the complete journey (5 jumps).

Whenever you use the vehicles, always remember to validate your ticket before embarking on the journey.

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