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Christmas in Bratislava 2023. The best markets in Slovakia

Christmas in Bratislava

WHEN: Bratislva, Slovakia
PLACE: from 23 November to 23 December 2023

Christmas in Bratislava is synonymous with tradition. In this articulated period of the year, the whole city dresses up. In every corner, street, shop or private home, you can breathe the atmosphere of Christmas.

Hlavné, Františkánske e Hviezdoslavovo, the main squares of the capital, welcome visitors among the inevitable lights, decorations, perfumes of food prepared on the street, and Christmas carols.

Christmas in Bratislava is synonymous with magic. An event that originates in a popular belief, very old and heartfelt. A magical power was attributed to this period of the year. And, precisely through the Christmas rituals, the inhabitants wanted to protect crops and livestock from dangerous demons, thus guaranteeing a good harvest and bringing happiness into love and family life for the new year.

Christmas in Bratislava is synonymous with taste. The choice is really wide and varied. Above all, local delicacies stand out. And then, underneath with Lokyse potato crepes, available with various fillings (including poppy seeds, goose liver); or, the tasty cigánska pečienka, a tasty sandwich, much appreciated in these parts, prepared with pork meat and spices. Do not miss the famous sheep cheese, among which the bryndza stands out.
And of course, do not forget to accompany it all with a good glass of hot wine. With this cold, it’s really ideal.

Christmas in Bratislava Markets

Photo ©, Miroslav Petrasko


The markets, in these parts, have a fairly recent history. It is in the 1993 that they were officially established. Despite their young age, the Christmas markets in Bratislava have achieved enormous success over the years in terms of presences and appreciations. So much to be considered among the most interesting in all of Eastern Europe.


The most famous and beloved market, takes place in the main square, in the historic center. A small square, with a fountain in the center, surrounded by beautiful buildings and buildings. Just the small size, make it particularly warm and welcoming, even if rather crowded.

Among the stalls, you can stroll around for souvenirs, handicrafts, decorations, and food products.
Do not miss the climb to the Old Town Hall tower.

Other stalls await you at Frantiskanske Namestie, a natural continuation of the main square. Here, too, you will have plenty of choice for your gifts and, above all, a magnificent view of the city.

The markets are open, every day, from 23 November to 23 December 2023, from 13:00 to 22:00. We recommend arriving at sunset, when the square begins to light up. From here, in the evening, magnificent views of the Cathedral and the Castle.


Hviezdoslav’s street markets are favorites for families and children. The large square, not far from Hlavne, offers a rich program and, above all, a fantastic ice rink, for the enjoyment of young and old.

You will find many food stands with local products of local cuisine Christmas sweets, strudel. Excellent, in terms of quality-price, also the offer of objects and artefacts.
In the evening, the square and the adjacent streets, are a particularly popular and lively meeting place, between shops and clubs.


Exhibitions, shows and concerts are organized, for the first weeks of December, along the medieval walls of the city, near Saint Martin Cathedral.
Always here, you can find some stands with souvenirs.

Every weekend, before the advent, you can listen to the traditional Christmas carols in the main squares of the historic center.

Mileticova is a rather well-known street in Bratislava to host, throughout the year, one of the most important and beloved markets. From December 01, Christmas items, theme stalls, shows and evening concerts will also be proposed.

At the Town Hall courtyard and the Museum of City History, you can buy local artisanal products and mulled wine. The markets are missing but the eyes are all focused on the sheep on display, to the delight of the little ones.

*The information contained herein is intended for indicative purposes only and is not official.

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