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Pilgrimage to Fatima, every 13th of the month. What to do and see.

Pilgrimage to Fatima

WHERE: Fatima, Portugal.
WHEN: from May to October, every 13 of the month.

It was the distant 13 May 1917. Lúcia, Jacinta and Marto, 3 young shepherds, while they were near Fatima, saw a woman dressed in white appear, with a rosary in her hand. This was followed by other appearances on the 13 day of each month until October.

And it was precisely the 13 October of that year, which many believers, as promised, witnessed a prodigious event. A sort of dancing sun, which illuminated the sky.

After many years, hundreds of thousands of faithful celebrate the miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. The Pilgrimage to Fatima is not limited to a single day, but it is precisely in concurrence of this fateful date, that the greatest number of initiatives are concentrated.

Pilgrimage to Fatima



Fatima can be reached easily by car and bus. In the latter case, the starting point is Lisbon. From here, in about 90 minutes, you can reach the city. The ticket price varies depending on the period. Generally, the cost is €10.60.

The bus station in the city is just a few hundred meters from the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. Coming by car, not far away, you will find numerous parking lots concentrated. A parking lot in beaten earth, long Av. Papa Joao XXIII and, another, in the immediate vicinity, a Av. De Dom José Alves Correia da Silva 120. Other areas are located in the immediate vicinity, along R. da Rainha Santa Isabel e R. de São Vicente de Paulo 25.


There is no specific date, or a particular moment, for a pilgrimage to Fatima. Obviously, it is a merely subjective and above all spiritual question.
The 13 day, however, as indicated, is a special occasion, with a program and many celebrations for the occasion.

Generally, in the middle of the night, we start with the WAY OF THE CROSS, in the Piazzale della Preghiera. Followed by the MARIAN CELEBRATION in the Chapel of the Apparitions, at 03:30; then, the MASS and the EUCHARISTIC ADORATION in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, celebrated in Portuguese.
Very impressive, and solemn, after the 22:00, the PROCESSION OF THE CANDLES, in the Prayer Square.



There is no need to purchase packages and organized tours for the pilgrimage to Fatima. The only advice is to book in advance. In this case, you can stay near the Sanctuary, without spending a fortune.
King Christ It is an excellent solution for quality price, with breakfast included. It is located a short distance from the Sanctuary.
Alternatively, you can opt for the Residencial Coroa D’Ouro, just 5 minutes away.

Even for the plane, it is convenient to move in the right time. From here, you can book your flight at the best price.

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