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Portuguese monasteries Route. Visit Batalha, Alcobaça and Tomar

Portuguese monasteries Route

Three places of great historical and cultural impact. Three wonderful complexes, heritage of humanity, complementary to each other.
An entire territory of great scenic interest.

Rede do Mosteiros is a special itinerary within this wonderful area, around which the fortunes of Batalha, Alcobaça and Tomar revolve. A special route that develops around places of extraordinary interest such as the Sanctuary of Fatima, or the suggestive Parque Natural da Serra de Aire.

The Portuguese Monasteries Route is an itinerary through 3 major UNESCO World Heritage sites, to enhance an entire territory: the Alcobaça Monastery, the Batalha Monastery and the Convent of Christ.

Three places not to be missed, with which to learn about the genesis and development in the territory of the Cistercian Order, or the mysteries of the Templars.

The sanctuary of Fatima, one of the most popular places in Portugal, can be an excellent starting point.

Portuguese Monasteries Route



The three great monasteries are located in Batalha, Alcobaça and Tomar, for a total distance of just over 50 km.
The three villages have railway stations and the only way to get around is by bus and car.
The latter is the ideal means of transport because it allows you to move around independently, without being subject to bus timetables.


The Portuguese monasteries Route cannot be combined with a visit to Fatima and the renowned sanctuary.
Fatima is located almost halfway between Tomar and Batalha: it is impossible not to evaluate a visit to the sanctuary (unless Fatima is the starting point of your itinerary).

The visit of the three monastic complexes, combined with the sanctuary of Fatima, should take two days and one night.
Coming from Coimbra, the ideal is to leave from the Convent of Christ in Tomar. The journey takes approximately 50 minutes on the A13.
From Tomar you can reach Fatima in just half an hour. You can dedicate more than half a day to the wonderful Sanctuary and its surroundings, staying overnight right here.
The next day, perhaps starting early in the morning, you can visit the two Monastic complexes of Batalha and Alcabaça, all about 30 minutes away from each other.
In this journey, Lisbon represents the worthy conclusion, or, in a reverse itinerary, the ideal beginning.
Lisbon is about 120 km from Alcobaça, to be traveled on E1/A15.


To visit the 3 complexes along the Portuguese Monastery Route, the special combined Património Mundial ticket is available. It offers access to the 3 monasteries at a total cost of €15.00 per person.
The ticket can be used within 7 days of the first validation.

If you don’t want to visit them all, you can opt to visit one or two complexes. For timetables and tickets, refer to the Kanoa guides for the individual monuments.

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