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Seven Wonders of Portugal. The most important monuments of the country

Seven Wonders of Portugal

Seven places in Portugal that you should see at least once in your life.

Seven monuments, among about 800 present in the area, of extraordinary charm and beauty, and among the most important of the Portuguese architectural heritage.

In 2006, the Portuguese Ministry of Culture decided to support an initiative to elect the 7 most beautiful monuments in the whole country with the aim of promoting and enhancing the most important monuments of the country’s entire heritage.
Places of absolute and objective beauty.

From a list of 793 sites, it came to only 21, after a careful selection by a jury of experts. In December 2006, for six months, the opportunity was given to vote to elect the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

Seven fantastic places that are really worth visiting, even for a simple excursion. As in the case of the Palacio da Pena, less than 30 kilometers from beautiful Lisbon.
The list includes the famous Belem Tower and the splendid Jerómimos Monastery in Lisbon, the impressive Batalha Monastery, not far from Fatima, and the nearby Alcobaça Monastery.
Of course, there are also two extraordinary fortresses on the list: the Castles of Óbidos and Guimarães.

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