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Barcelona Magic Fountain, lights show, music, water and colors

Barcelona Magic Fountain

Located between the charming Plaça d’Espanya, the Palau Nacional and Montjuic, the Barcelona Magic Fountain is one of the most visited and admired attractions in the city.
Every day, just before daylight gives way to twilight, hundreds of thousands of people gather in Carles Büigas square, along the steps of the Palau Nacional and the immediately adjacent areas.

An evocative show in which adults and children literally let themselves be carried away by the extraordinary choreography of the fountain, with jets of colored water that rise into the sky to the rhythm of music. That’s 2600 liters of water per second that flow with over 7000 combinations of water and lights!

Built in 1929 by Carles Buïgas (to whom the square would have been named) on the occasion of the Universal Exposition, it was the protagonist of some of the most important moments of the city, such as the 1992 Olympic Games.
Over the years, the Fountain has also become the final venue of the Festa de la Mercé, one of the most important annual events in Barcelona. On the last day of the event, you can admire the Piromusical de la Mercè, with an extraordinary fireworks display combined with the water games of the Fountain!

Thanks to the numerous efforts, and the latest interventions, the Barcelona Magic Fountain has significantly improved its environmental impact, reducing consumption and making significant progress in terms of sustainability. A new LED lighting system has improved energy efficiency. The use of groundwater, in addition to filling the fountain, serves almost the entire mountain of Montjuïc and allows you to fill other fountains and lakes, clean the streets and water several green areas!

The Magic Fountain of Barcelona on Montjuc



The Magic Fountain is located at the foot of Montjuc and Palau Nacional, a few minutes’ walk from Plaça d’Espanya. It can be easily reached by all public transport, getting off right in the elegant and central square of Barcelona.
Numerous train lines and the 3 metro lines L1, L3 and L8 stop here.
The square is also easily accessible by bus.


The choreography of the Fountain focuses on a mix of music from the 80s, classical music and soundtracks of important cartoons. There are shows of about 20 minutes in which different musical genres alternate, with a very short break between one and the other.
The shows generally take place with the following calendar times:

  • From 22 December to 31 March: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 20:00 to 21:00. No shows from Sunday to Wednesday.
  • From 01 April to 31 May: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 21:00 to 22:00. No shows from Sunday to Wednesday.
  • From 01 June to 30 September: from Wednesday to Sunday from 21:30 to 22:30.
  • From 01 October to 10 October: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 21:00 to 22:00.

The Magic Fountain is closed for maintenance from 11 October to 21 December. Being located in the space of the Barcelona Fair, closures are possible on the occasion of major trade fairs. Please check for any closures on the city’s official website.

The show is FREE and requires no ticket.


It is preferable to arrive approximately 30 minutes early in order to sit down and have the best view. Of course, there will be tourists and visitors who will position themselves in every corner of the square, until they find themselves near the fountain itself. In the summer, splashing water is a boon against the heat!
Before the show starts, street performers will entertain spectators with shows, dances and acrobatics.

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