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Barcelona Transport tickets. Info, costs, types, where to buy

Barcelona Transport tickets

Public transport in Barcelona is extremely quick and efficient. Metro, tram, bus and even two cable cars: you are really spoiled for choice. Here is a guide on Barcelona Transport tickets, to get around the city with excellent Catalan service.

For those who intend to use the vehicles sporadically, we recommend the single-ride ticket, that is, BITLLET SENZILL. It costs 2.20€ and is valid on the buses, metro and funicular Montjuic managed by TMB. Not valid for the airport and the cable cars, where you need to purchase a special ticket.

Rather convenient, however, is the T-10. It is an integrated ATM of the ATM, valid for 10 trips to the chosen area. There are 6 types for as many areas with which to move between the center and surrounding areas. Each trip can be made within 75 minutes of validation. The time increases by 15 minutes for each zone after the first. Valid on all buses, metro, tram and RENFE trains. Not valid for the airport. The T-10, valid for the 1 AREA (center and suburb of Barcelona) costs 10.20€. Therefore, savings are quite evident. The T-10 for the 2 AREA costs 20.10€. Keep in mind that to move around Barcelona, ​​the T-10 is sufficient.

Barcelona Transport tickets

The T-70-30 it’s an interesting integrated solution. It offers 70 trips for more people to complete within one month or more on all public transport in the city, including the Linea9 for the airport. Function and use is the same as that of the T-10 with the difference, however, that more people can use the same carnet. The T-70-30 for the 1 Zone costs 60.90€. The day ticket, called T-DIA, it is worth 24 hours from the validation and allows to make unlimited movements on all the vehicles, within the chosen zone. The T-DIA costs from a minimum of €8.60 for a zone, to a maximum of 23.05€ for 6 zones. The day ticket also includes a return trip, within 24 hours, to the airport.


Anyone wishing to use public transport frequently can opt for the HOLA CARD. This is a sort of subscription valid for two or more days, depending on the chosen cut. Thanks to the Hola Card, you can make unlimited travel on all public transport in the city and the 1 Zone, including the Linea9 for the airport. HOLA CARD 48h, is valid for 48 hours from validation and costs 15.00 €. The version from 72h costs 22.00 €; from 96h costs 28.50 €; the version from 120 hours, costs 35.00 €. You can purchase your HOLA CARD, at the best price guaranteed, from this link.


Tickets can be purchased at the automatic machines in the metro stations, in the main bus stations and at the exhibitors exhibiting the ATM (integrated) and TMB brands. Only on TMB buses is it possible to purchase a single-fare ticket at the cost of 2,20€.

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