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Mercado da Ribeira, the Lisbon market. Infos, guide, opening hours

Mercado da Ribeira

Among the various must-see stops in Lisbon, one cannot miss the renowned Mercado da Ribeira, one of the city’s historic sites.
Initially born as a large wholesale market, it was inaugurated in the 1882, in the river area of ​​Lisbon, near Cais do Sodré.

It is only in the last decades that the place has been converted, becoming a real meeting point for residents and tourists.
Open every day, until late, the Mercado de Ribeira, today, is much more than just a market.

Inside, you will find lots of stands and, above all, bars and restaurants where you can stop for lunch or dinner.
An immense space, of approximately 10000 square meters of covered surface, in a mix of colors, smells and flavors. The kiosks offer the most disparate products: from the food and gastronomic sector to the floral sector.
Great choice. Best quality. Prices slightly higher than those that you might generally notice in normal markets.
But, as mentioned, this is not a simple market.

Mercado da Ribeira

Two large areas. One side, dedicated exclusively to stalls and agricultural products, fruit and vegetables. Another side, with rooms and the possibility of sitting along immense tables, along with the other diners. For an experience to share.

Hard to even sit at the table. Often, over the weekend, you will find endless queues to sit at the tables. For lunch and dinner.
Particularly beautiful, lively and chaotic. Absolutely not to be missed.



The Market is located not far from the center and a few hundred meters from the Fluvial ferry terminal and numerous points of interest in the city.
From the Museo Nacional de Arte Contemporanea, it takes about 5 minutes to walk; from Praça di Commercio, about 10 minutes.

The place is well served by public transport. Cais do Sodré is the point of reference, with a metro station, the railway station, and numerous bus lines that pass through here.


The Mercado Da Ribeira is open every day, from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 06:00 to 20:00. The schedules, instead, vary for the so-called Time Out Market,inside the building, where you can sit at the tables. In this case, the market is open from Sunday to Wednesday, from 10: 00 at midnight; from Thursday to Saturday, closing until 02:00 at night.


To taste the excellent Cream’s pastry, the sweet puff pastry with cream, typical of the place. Even better Pastel de Belem, local specialty, with notes of cinnamon.
For the rest the choice is really varied, with Lusitanian and international culinary preparations.
Excellent fish and meat. You can enjoy soups and even pizzas.

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