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Tram 28 Lisbon. Guide and practical info. Tickets, timetable, route

Tram 28 Lisbon

Are you looking for a very special way to visit Lisbon? Then tram 28 Lisbon is for you. The so-called TRAM REMODELADO are yellow cars from 1930, obviously with modern safety systems; however, they combine the charm of tradition, with the uncomfortable shiny wooden benches to sit down, and the original dials.

If you avoid peak times, perhaps by entering very early in the morning or late in the evening, you may be able to find a window seat; in this case all you have to do is make yourself comfortable (so to speak!) and, at the cost of a simple bus ride, you can take a panoramic tour of the whole of Lisbon.

Tram 28 Lisbon Portugal

From the terminus in Martin Moniz, the tram climbs through the alleys of the popular neighborhoods to Graça, offering a wonderful view over the entire Baixa. Then you go down on Rua da Voz do Operaio, passing through S. Vicente de Fora, Feira da Ladra and finally you arrive at the ancient city gate: Portas do Sol. You then move on to the beautiful Alfama district, stop at the splendid Cathedral , the Sè and then off, ready to go up the streets of Chiado, the Barrio Alto and, therefore, the Basilica da Estrela. The final stop and terminus is the Campo Ourique district, where Pessoa spent his last years, near the Cemetery dos Prazeres.
A truly incredible experience, in a hustle and bustle of ups and downs, almost as if you were on a carousel!



The single-ride ticket (Elétricos) costs €3.00 and can be used for the entire route. It can also be purchased on board the Tram. On the Tram, you can also use the integrated Carris/metro ticket from 6.40 € valid 24 hours on all means, including the metro. The tram is included with the LISBOA CARD!


The frequency of Tram 28 Lisbon is 15 minutes (8 or 10′ at peak times and in summer).
The journey takes about 40 minutes but can increase during peak times, with traffic and when there are cars in double lines !!


The tram runs every day, with the following times:

  • From Monday to Friday, from 05:40 to 23:30.
  • Saturday, from 05:45 to 22:30.
  • Sundays and holidays from 06:40 to 22:30.

The hours are the same throughout the year. On weekdays, there are up to 7 tram rides per hour.


Make a small sacrifice and wake up early: you will easily find a window seat until 6:45 am. Alternatively, the last races before closing. BEWARE: many complain about the presence of pickpockets, especially in the late evening or at peak times, when there is crowds. Try to use the necessary precautions.

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