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When to go to Los Angeles. The climate and best time to go on vacation

When to go to Los Angeles

Thanks to an extremely favorable climate, Los Angeles is an ideal destination to be visited at any time of the year.

The really pleasant climate can be compared to that of the Mediterranean countries. The added value, however, is represented by winter, never cold or rigid, with mild temperatures.

Therefore, there is no ideal time when to go to Los Angeles. Every month is good for a vacation in the Californian city. Follow our tastes and your needs. If you were planning to swim in Los Angeles, you would prefer the warmer summer months, when the water temperature is around 20 degrees. The inhabitants are used to; European tourists, on the other hand, will have to adapt to the water which could be quite cold. But if there is an opportunity, better not let it get away!


When to go to Los Angeles

In summer it is really very hot. Often, very hot temperatures can be recorded.
It is preferable to avoid walking around during peak hours. In this case, you could pop into the coastal cities like Santa Monica and Venice.
From July to September, rainfall is almost non-existent.
Winter is almost never cold. The days are quite long, and during the day temperatures will hardly fall below 5/6 degrees.
Only during the night it approaches zero.
During the winter period, limited rainfall is concentrated, however around 5/6 days a month.

Mid-season in Los Angeles is quite short. Spring and autumn are real and transitory periods towards summer and autumn.
Even the best times remain when going to Los Angeles.


Through our κ index, we provide an assessment for every single month. This way, you can evaluate the best time when to go to Los Angeles.

January κκκ
February κκκ
March κκκ
April κκκ
May κκκκκ
June κκκκκ
July κκκκ
August κκκκ
September κκκκκ
October κκκκκ
November κκκ
December κκκ


May and October are the best times for a vacation in Los Angeles. The days are long and warm enough to tour, and visit the cities of the Metropolis. The temperatures are never torrid. For those wishing to combine a holiday of relaxation and sea, we recommend July, preferring above all the coastal areas.
Every month is good for a vacation in Los Angeles. Therefore, there is no real period to avoid.


In summer, bring only fresh clothes. A long sleeve only for the evening, and if the air conditioning is too strong.
Always remember to wear a hat and sunglasses.
In winter, sweater and jacket to go out at night. During the day, the thread sweater can be ideal, to turn under the sun

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