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California theme parks. Guide to Universal Studios and Disneyland Park

California Theme Parks

The United States is the Mecca of theme parks, whether you visit the East coast or the West coast. Orlando is undoubtedly the point of reference but, certainly, even in California the proposals are not lacking. Extraordinary parks to satisfy the desire for playful laziness for everyone, young and old.



California amusement Parks

In Los Angeles, Universal Studios is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions, not to be missed, on a California vacation. It is an extraordinary theme park, as well as a production studio still in use. Most attractions take their cue from the well-known manufacturer, to catapult you between unforgettable films like Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Shrek.

Studio Tram Tour, alone, occupies half the Park. On board a train, you can browse through the sets of the most beautiful films in the history of cinema, such as King Kong, The Shark, Gangs of New York. During the stops, you can watch shows and shows in 4D. And again, surprise performances and magnificent special effects.

Lovers of the most famous little wizard in the world will not fail to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Fun for young and old. Among the latest news, Transformers 4D


Address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608 (north downtown Los Angeles area)

To reach the destination, you can take the Red Line of the Metro, getting off at the Universal City stop; from here, the free shuttle goes directly to the Studios.


California Theme Parks

About 30 miles south of Los Angeles, in the town of Anahaeim, stands this huge and sparkling theme park that since 1955 has accompanied the childhood of millions of children around the world! It is not only one of the California Theme Parks to see but it is probably one of those places to see at least once in your life.

President Reagan, in 1955 inaugurated this enchanted place, the dream of Walt Disney, the one who created the most loved cartoons for adults and children.

Disneyland is located in an immense area where two distinct parks rise: Disneyland Park and California Adventure. Both cannot be visited during the same day.

Leave the car in the parking lot, a convenient shuttle will take you to the entrance. With a choice, it is preferable to opt for Disneyland Park. Of the two, it is the Park with the greatest number of attractions and, certainly, the most evocative. Already starting from the enchanted entrance from the Castle of Sleeping Beauty … to the delight of your little “princesses”!

The children will immediately go to Fantasyland and Mickey’s Toontown. They will be able to try their hand at attractions inspired by the cartoons of Pinocchio, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo and so many others. In Mickey’s Toontown, they can venture into the streets of Topolinia, home of Mickey Mouse, and Minnie, also making a stop with the famous Donald Duck.


Tarzan’s house and the Indiana Jones Jeep at Adventureland; Jack Skeletron’s house and the Pirates of the Caribbean boats in New Orleans Square; the Splitter Mountain of Critter Country.

Tomorrowland is another section of this fantastic park, with a section dedicated to science fiction. You’ll find some of Disney’s most beloved cartoons and characters: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Star Wars, right up to the famous underwater trips of “Finding Nemo”.

Disneyland’s Adventure is divided into different thematic areas. Among the most beloved, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and the stunning Radiator Spring Racers, taken from the worldwide success of Disney Pixar Cars.


If you have decided to visit the Park, be patient with the rides: the most important waiting times are truly remarkable. Especially during peak periods. Among the available options, the possibility of using (for a fee) the Fast Pass, that is, the priority entry. All major attractions have a Fast Pass entrance. On the map, these rides are highlighted by the FP logo. Here, you will find special machines; by entering your admission ticket, you can collect a coupon indicating a time slot. You will simply have to show up at the entrance of the carousel with your coupon, at the scheduled time, avoiding much of the line.

Generally, at lunchtime you will find less crowds at the rides. People are focused on looking for fast food, and having lunch.

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