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Tour California on the Road in 2 weeks The best places to see on vacation

Tour California

Experience the American dream. Everyone, at least once in their lifetime, will have dreamed of a California Tour. Hair in the wind, aboard a legendary Mustang, wearing a pair of Wayfarers …. well, maybe we’re exaggerating with clichés!

California is an absolutely wonderful state, to be discovered slowly. Between corners and beautiful landscapes, and beautiful and famous urban centers. A tour to be tackled strictly on the road. A wonderful journey, skirting the Pacific Ocean, via Highway 1, one of the most celebrated roads in the world.

San Francisco. Los Angeles. Las Vegas. San Diego. The picturesque coastal villages. Santa Ynez, particularly famous for wine.

California on the Road

California on the road, is a journey between famous places, and lesser-known places, among the California sun.

The beautiful San Francisco is the ideal base to start the California on the Road tour. The city boasts the presence of an efficient international airport connected, with direct flights, with all the Continents of the Planet.

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Duration: 14 days / 13 nights.
Destinations visited: 6. San Francisco (4 nights). Santa Ynez Valley (1 night). Los Angeles (3 nights). Las Vegas (2 nights). Grand Canyon (1 night). San Diego (2 nights).
Total distance traveled: about 1800 miles (just under 2900km)



Known by the name of “City by The Bay”, San Francisco is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. The most “European” among American cities, an excellent starting point for the trip to California.

A cosmopolitan and tolerant city, with an important cultural vocation, and a fascinating architecture.

Visit San Francisco e Golden Gate Bridge

In an incredible succession of climbs and descents, between hills and hairpin bends, you can admire its unique conformation. And take beautiful photos, including suggestive views and exciting views, with a magnificent view of the bay. A magic systematically revived by the camera of directors and screenwriters who often made it their own movie set.

Golden Gate Bridge, which can be traveled on foot or by bike to Sausalito (picturesque town). The Coit Tower, Fisherman Wharf, Pier 39, Lombard Street, Alcatraz and the famous prison of Al Capone. Russian Hill is the commercial heart of the city, Union Square, without forgetting a ride on Powell Street with a typical Cable Car. This, and much more, awaits you in the beautiful city. From this link, our special guide on what to see on holiday in San Francisco.

One of the Observation points not to be missed is certainly the Twin Peaks hill.

After spending at least 3 days visiting the city, the next stop is Los Angeles, on a journey along the legendary Highway 1. This road, one of the most famous in the world, will accompany you throughout the California on the Road tour, up to in San Diego.


Along the way, there’s no better way than to take a break, and relax, sipping a good glass of wine. Santa Ynez is a lovely wine region, in the County of Santa Barbara, famous for its excellent wine produced. The merit is above all of the extraordinary climate that gives the vines a lot of sun and currents of the near Pacific.

The American director Alexander Payne, in 2004, made the Region famous with the film Sideways, shot in this wonderful region. A blockbuster movie that has increased exponentially the number of visitors.

In Santa Ynez you can spend a day full of eno-gastronomy, among rolling hills, suggestive landscapes, and tastings. Ideal before stopping in Los Angeles. Spend a whole day there, skimping on a night at one of the local companies. We are sure you will not regret it.


Los Angeles

Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Drive. Santa Monica. Orange County. Redondo and Long Beach … an endless list to say the least. An impressive series of iconic places, often immortalized by directors and screenwriters.

Visiting Los Angeles is, for many, the right occasion to put your feet in the places that have marked the history of cinema. For the little ones, instead, it represents the extraordinary opportunity for a fun-filled vacation. The city, in fact, offers a vast choice of theme parks of international importance: Universal Studio and Disneyland above all.

Los Angeles is particularly appreciated also for the climate, with long summers and never too hot, and mild winters. A perfect destination for all seasons.

Don’t miss: The Studios (at least one must be visited), fast ride to Downtown, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills; Hollywood Hill where there is the famous writing of the homonymous hill.

Along the coast, we recommend visiting: Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Venice Beach with outdoor gyms and turrets reminiscent of the TV show Baywatch, Long Beach and Orange County.

Panoramic Points: Go to the Griffith observatory, to enjoy the skyline of this immense city, really exciting.

Although not a beautiful city in its own right, Los Angeles is truly fascinating and has a great atmosphere. A place that lives in perfect harmony with Hollywood and the factory of dreams. Impossible to resist the charm. From this link, the complete guide on what to see on holiday in Los Angeles.


Las Vegas

With a little detour, you enter the Nevada Desert: Las Vegas is waiting for us!

With your car the journey takes just under 4 hours; you must take route 210 from Los Angeles and take Interstate 15 which will take you directly to Las Vegas.

This itinerary is very fascinating.

Welcome to Fabolous Las Vegas Nevada, This is what the famous sign at the entrance to the city says. In the middle of the desert, it makes a certain impact to see the infinity of city lights. A beautiful and cursed place, a real … Sin City! The city where luxury and kitsch blend perfectly. You will be blinded by the pomp; from the mega-billboards announcing shows; from palm trees and fountains. You will meet many artists, disguised as Star Wars, Iron Man, Batman and other icons of American cinema.

And, then, there is the Strip, the famous street in Las Vegas, the hub of the most renowned Hotels and Resorts, of Casinos and the wildest Shopping.

Las Vegas is one of the most visited cities in the world; the incredible offer of shows and entertainment for all ages, attracts millions of people in any month of the year.

A few hours drive from Los Angeles and California in general, it is a favorite destination for those looking for “a night to remember”.

Not to be missed:

A ride on the Las Vegas Strip, stop by the most beautiful hotels, among which we mention; Wynn Encore, The Venetian, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio.

Along the Strip you can take curious photos with street artists who, in any way, will do everything to get your attention.

Between a play at the casino and a night at the disco, you will be spoiled for choice, on what to do or see; the offer of musical and theatrical performances is also very attractive. Among the most interesting theaters, the MGM Grand and Caesars Palace.

If you are looking for crazy nights on the disc, Las Vegas is the place for you. Do not miss the numerous Pool Parties, held every weekend at Encore Beach Club (Wynn Encore), Tao Beach (The Venetian), UltraPool (MGM), Rehab (Hard Rock Casino), Daylight (Mandalay Bay). And then there are, of course, discos. Among the most popular Encore and Surrender (Wynn), Tao Club (The Venetian), Hakkasan (MGM), Omnia (Caesars Palace), Marquee (Las Vegas). From this link, what to do and see in Las Vegas in several days.


Grand Canyon

Located in the northern part of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a magical and evocative place, to be seen at least once in one’s life. Or, perhaps, to be reviewed a second time!
A unique natural spectacle. The result of an erosion excavated by the Colorado River over millions of years. Every year, it attracts around 6 million people.

It is about 500 kilometers long, up to 1,800 m deep, and with a variable width from 500 meters to 29 kilometers. The park is divided into two sides: South Rim, and North Rim. The area to the north is incredibly beautiful and wild, and also the least touristy of the two. The South Rim, on the other hand, is the most accessible and visited area in the area.

The area around the Grand Canyon became a national monument in January 1908, and was declared a national park on February 26, 1919. Today the Grand Canyon has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is counted among the Seven Wonders of the World!

Leave Las Vegas early in the morning. In about 4 hours, you will arrive at your destination. The first part of the journey on US-93, then continue on I-40. Turn off at Williams, just before Flagstaff, and continue along road 64.

Stay there even at night. Just so you can see South Rim and North Rim. Don’t miss: Desert View Watchtower; Hermit Road. Point Imperial. From here, what to do and see at the Grand Canyon in at least one day.

Alternatively, Death Valley is another must-visit place on a trip to California on the Road.


The worthy conclusion of the trip to California on the road. From the Canyon, cross the Interstate 15, passing through splendid places like San Bernardino and Escondido. With a little time available, one could think of a “hit and run” in one of the two towns.

San Diego is a beautiful, cheerful, fun … young city!

Mostly populated by young people, it hosts Universities and Campuses, a few kilometers from the border with Mexico; San Diego preserves American principles and history, with a very strong Latin influence.

Moreover, a strong point of this destination is the climate, extremely pleasant all year round.

A place to appreciate, walking or cycling.

La Jolla awaits you with its striking cliffs. Old Town and the classic Victorian style houses. Balboa Park with lots of attractions. Torrey Pines, nature reserve. Coronado Bridge, Sea World (one of the most fun attractions). Little Italy, Gaslamp Quarter and its center that is full of artists.

San Diego is a city full of beauty. The inhabitants are welcoming and personable.

With the visit of the city the California on the road tour closes. From San Diego, in about 2 hours, we return to L.A. for the international airport. You have to take the coastal road, crossing I-5.

LAX is one of the busiest airports in the United States, with over 80 million passengers in transit each year. Here, you can deliver your car to the rental agency, and take the plane back home (unfortunately!).

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