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Drive in the USA. Basic rules, signals, roads, precedence, children

Drive in USA

Let’s face it: a road trip in America has always fascinated everyone. Writers, adventurers, dreamers.
Moreover, we have read books. Seen films. Listened to tales of evocative journeys, between desolate lands and wonderful landscapes.

If you have decided to take a trip like this, before leaving you should know some basic rules to drive in the USA.
Sometimes they might seem obvious but, in reality, they are not.


Throughout the country, drive to the right and overtake on the left.
In the car, always fasten the front and rear seat belts.
If you are stopped by the police, DO NOT DATE FROM THE VEHICLE. Stay in the car with your hands on the wheel.
In all situations, always be collaborative.
Avoid driving after drinking alcohol, even in small quantities. In the USA they are rather restrictive in this regard and even the risk of being jailed.

Be careful not to run out of fuel. In these parts it is considered an infringement, subject to a fine !!!


The national license is accepted almost everywhere. Some states, however, require the International Driving License (IDP6). It is a good idea to check them in advance.
The non-prepaid credit card is mandatory for those who wish to rent a car in the USA. Together, of course, to the passport.

Drive in the USA


For each STOP you need for a few seconds.
Pay maximum attention to pedestrians who cross roads that always take precedence, even where the stripes are not present.
At 4-way junctions, if there is no signal, precedence is given based on the order of arrival. If you come to one of these crossings first, don’t hesitate.


The road network in the United States is incredibly extensive and complex. The network has really high quality standards. But driving in the United States is simpler than you can imagine.
The Interstates are long-distance roads, marked by the letter I followed by numbers. The numbering is well defined: the odd numbers are used for the sections between North and South. The even numbers for the connections between East and West.
Signals on a green background indicate the presence of a motorway. The exits are indicated with progressive numbers. This way, you can hardly go wrong.
In some of these, especially in the North, you will find toll booths, scattered occasionally. The cost is not excessive. More info on tolls and methods, from our special page.

There are also roads classified as junctions (Junction), and State Roads (Freeways); the latter allow you to reach rural areas.


The signals are expressed in mph. You may find some differences between one state and another. Generally speaking, the speed limits for driving in the United States are as follows:

  • 25-45 mph (40 to 70 km/h), in built-up areas.
  • 55-75 mph (90 to 120 km/h), on extraurban roads and outside built-up areas.
  • 55-80 mph (up to 130 km/h) on motorways.


It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to place children under the age of 8 on the front seat of the vehicle.
Children up to 8 years of age must ALWAYS travel on the vehicle’s rear seat. They must be secured on special seats and booths, approved for age, weight and height. Seat belts MUST BE COMPULSORY LOCKED.

The car, in our opinion, is indicated to move between one state and another. Within the cities, it is preferable to travel with the comfortable, efficient public transport.

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