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Spanish Quarters of Naples and Largo Diego Armando Maradona

Spanish Quarters of Naples

Naples does not forget… the visceral love that binds the city to Maradona is unparalleled.
Diego will forever remain unique. El D10s.
From today, however, Naples has its new idols. The heroes of the scudetto.
A success awaited for 33 years.
Captain Di Lorenzo. Osimhen and Kvara… an impressive list.

Visiting Naples and the Spanish Quarters in this period has a unique flavor. Everywhere it’s a party. A truly evocative atmosphere that will involve even people less accustomed to celebrations.

All of Naples is celebrating. Walking along the streets of the center and Via Roma, we challenge everyone to find a single alley that is not festively decorated.

Spanish Quarters of Naples

Largo Maradona, with the famous D10S mural, has become a real place of pilgrimage, with flowers and candles in honor of the Argentine champion.
So much so that today there is no guide that does not indicate the Spanish quarters as one of the unmissable stops on a holiday in Naples.



With line 1 you get off at Toledo, one of the most beautiful underground stations in the world. A visit to the station is at least obligatory.
Once out of the metro you will find yourself in the busy Via Roma (pedestrian area). After a short walk, on the right you will find the alley of the Spanish Quarter, with an adjoining welcome sign at the top.
The whole journey is a succession of clubs, murals and flags up to Largo Maradona.


The large open space that takes its name from the late Argentine champion is located in the upper part of via Emanuele De Meo, about 500 meters from Toledo station.
What is most striking is the magic and atmosphere of the place and a sense of deep devotion that binds the Neapolitan people to their idol.


Naples is the kingdom of street food. During your visit to the Spanish quarters of Naples, don’t miss tasting the legendary fried pizza. In Vico Conte di Mola, for €4.50 you can eat a really good pizza (€3.50 for a small pizza).

Nennella, in these parts, is a real institution. If you visit the Spanish quarters of Naples, stop at this famous trattoria for lunch: you won’t regret it.

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