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Pignasecca market in Naples. Best markets in the world. Timetables

Pignasecca market

The beating heart of Neapolitan veracity!

Often we pass by in passing, when we are intent on reaching the streets of the Center.
However, even if only in passing, it is unlikely to remain indifferent to the historic Pignasecca market.

A place that represents the soul and essence of the Neapolitan people.
The thousand colors. Its liveliness. Authentic and genuine energy. The continuous and undaunted chatter of sellers and people.
But also the chaos and disorder that reigns supreme, just like the urban context that surrounds it.

But this too is Naples.
You just need to look up to find evidence of the glorious past. Small, more or less hidden jewels: churches, ancient hospitals … and this ancient market, whose origins date back many centuries ago.

They wrote verses of this place (Matilde Serao), wrote songs (Pino Daniele or Raffaele Viviani), and shot video clips (Edoardo Bennato). The charm has remained unchanged over time. But, above all, the flavors. Because, in these parts, it is easy to get carried away by the exaltation of carbohydrates.

Pignasecca market in Naples

Photo ©, IlSistemone



The Pignasecca market is located in the center, not far from the central Via Toledo. It is well served by public transport.
You can arrive with the Montesanto funicular and the Cumana line. Furthermore, line 2 of the Naples underground is not far away


Welcome to the realm of Street Food, one might say. The market is a veritable explosion of smells that invade every single neuron in the brain. Scent of desserts, inviting pizzas (especially fried) and fish. Difficult to resist.
Moreover, the prices are really affordable.

This is the ideal place to taste the authentic “cuoppo”, also known as cuppetiello, served in two different versions inside straw paper cones (ideal for greasy foods).
You can try it in the “land” version, with Crocché, fried vegetables in batter, stuffed courgette flowers, pasta omelettes and more. Or in the seafood version with anchovies, cod, baby octopus, squid, seaweed pizzas… all strictly fried.
A caloric “bomb” that requires a lot of walking to work off!


The market is open every day, generally, after 07:00 and until the closing time of the exhibitors, around 20:00.

The sidewalks literally disappear from view, giving way to the numerous stalls that occupy the whole ground.
During rush hour you will have to push your way through the people!

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