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Castles of Naples: Maschio Angioino Sant'Elmo Castel dell'Ovo. Timetable

Castles of Naples

Sant’Elmo Castle, in a privileged position on the Vomero hill, with a fantastic view of the Gulf of Naples.
The proud Castel dell’Ovo, which is reflected on the waves, from the most beautiful seafront in the world!
The Maschio Angioino, who, sternly, controls the port, and turns his back on Piazza Municipio.

The visit of this wonderful city cannot ignore the Castles of Naples. Three beautiful complexes so similar and so different from each other.



Castel dell'ovo Castles of Naples

Photo ©, Maritè Toledo

It is located along via Partenope, in the Borgo Marinari, an ancient fishing port, and once a favorite destination for monks and smugglers.

It is practically always immortalized on photos and postcards, thanks to its scenic location, lulled by the waves of the sea.
Beautiful and romantic, proud and melancholy, it offers wonderful views and a spectacular view from the top of the Terrace of the Cannons.
Numerous legends are linked to this place. It is said that the basement of the Castle is guarded by an egg and that the entire fate of Naples depends on its integrity!
Stories and legends that merge, from Virgil, to Partenope, the Normans, or the Aragonese
The imposing fortress (also an ancient royal residence) has two panoramic towers and splendid rooms (including the Hall of Columns).

The picturesque Borgo Marinari in which it stands is home to extremely high-priced cafes and clubs. In the area, even a coffee can be very expensive.

Open Monday to Saturday, 09:00 to 18:30. Sunday, from 09 to 14.
FREE admission (with Covid restrictions, a reservation is still required).


If arriving on a cruise, or by sea, the Maschio Angioino will certainly be the first of the castles of Naples that you can admire, already visible in the distance.
Severe and majestic, he turns his gaze to the port and to the ships that dock.
It is a splendid medieval fortress with 5 towers and a beautiful Renaissance triumphal arch.
It was once a real cultural center, so much so that it was frequented by artists of the caliber of Giotto.
The splendid frescoes in the fourteenth-century Palatine Chapel are due to the latter.

The Maschio Angioino houses the Civic Museum of Naples with the Armory Room, the Palatine Chapel and the Santa Barbara Chapel and beautiful rooms.
Numerous events, concerts and cultural events take place in summer.
Open Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to 17:00. The full fare ticket costs €6.00.


Castel Sant'Elmo Naples

Photo ©, Paolo Mutti

It stands on the Vomero hill, a few steps from the beautiful Charterhouse of San Martino.
The view from the Terraces is nothing short of fantastic, and sweeps 360 degrees across Naples, Vesuvius, the gulf and the islands.
It is a 14th century fortress, once used as a prison.
A beautiful walk along its crenellated towers leads to the highest point.
Every year, in spring, it hosts the Comicon, one of the most anticipated and followed events in the city.

The castle is open every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 08:30 to 18:30 (times subject to change).
The full fare ticket costs €5.00

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