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Naples public transport tickets to travel on metro buses railway funiculars/

Naples public transport Tickets

With reference to Naples public transport tickets the choice is quite wide, and depends on the use of the means of transport. Unico-Campania manages the integrated tariff system, however, those wishing to travel on one vehicle only can purchase the ticket of the relative company.

Generally, Line 1 and the funiculars will suffice to visit the main attractions of Naples. With ANM tickets you can use both, as well as buses and trams.

The integrated ticket, called TIC, is useful, however, if you do not want to limit your holiday to the city alone, moving, for example, to Pozzuoli, Pompeii and so on.


Naples public transport Tickets

Here are the tickets available to travel on all means managed by ANM (Azienda Napoletana Mobilita).

  • The ANM single-ride ticket is valid for 60 minutes and can be used for a single journey on Line 1, funiculars, buses and trams. It costs €1.10.
  • The ANM day ticket costs €3.50 and allows unlimited rides on Line 1, funiculars, buses and trams, until midnight when it was stamped. IT IS NOT WORTH 24h!
  • The weekly ticket is valid for an unlimited number of trips until 24:00 on the sixth day following the date of first validation. It costs €12.50.


The NAPLES TIC, however, is valid on all means to / from Naples, including Line 2, Cumana and Circumflegrea. The TIC NAPOLI 90 MINUTI, allows you to make, for 90 minutes, unlimited rides on buses and one ride on the funicular and on the metro, within the municipality of Naples; costs €1.60. The TIC NAPOLI DAILY costs €4.50, and allows you to make unlimited journeys on all means of transport to move around Naples, until midnight on the day of validation. The TIC NAPLES 7 DAYS, allows you to make unlimited journeys on all means within the municipality of Naples, for seven consecutive days; costs €16.00. Tickets are valid for travel in the urban area of ​​Naples. To move to the neighboring municipalities from / to Naples, you need to buy the TIC based on the arrival / departure area.

CAMPANIA ARTECARD, on the other hand, is the ideal solution that combines transport and attractions. Available in 3 or 7 days version, it offers access to numerous sites and museums, discounts, and unlimited travel on all means for the chosen period. The 3-day version, for Naples, costs €21.00 for adults over 25 and €12.00 for children aged 18 to 25. The 3-day REGIONAL version costs €32.00 for over 25s, and even €34.00 in the 7-day version: ideal for discovering the wonders of the Region such as Pompeii and Herculaneum!


Travel tickets can be purchased at the automatic machines located in all Metro and funicular stations, and at the merchants displaying the brand.

ATTENTION. At several stations, there are old and faulty machines that only accept coins (no banknotes or credit cards). It is preferable to buy tickets in advance. We also remind you that it is quite difficult to find tickets on weekends and after 8pm because many exhibitors are closed.

With payment cards (American Express, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa circuits) TAP & GO is the innovative service that allows you to purchase tickets with your card. You simply have to place it near the gate at the entrance and exit of the station: the cheapest rate will be automatically calculated!

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