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Maya Bay, Thailand, how to get there, what to do and see. Closed

Maya Bay

It was back in 1996 when Danny Boyle got noticed by the public for his Trainspotting, now a true cult film.

Just 4 years later, the British director’s success was even more striking with “The Beach”. Leonardo Di Caprio was one of the reasons for the film’s great success; thanks to Titanic, released three years earlier, the actor had won the hearts of fans and, above all, a place of honor in Hollywood.
But it was, above all, the location, the great protagonist of The Beach, or Maya Bay, in Thailand.

Maya Bay

A real earthly paradise that immediately enchanted the spectators.
In close proximity, Maya Bay was literally besieged by tourists.
And, given the images, it wouldn’t have been difficult to imagine the opposite.

Located in the Phi Phi Islands, Maya Bay is truly a little corner of paradise, surrounded by thick vegetation and spectacular rocks emerging from the sea, with turquoise waters and white sand.
A magical and suggestive place

Those who were lucky enough to see it in the early 90s, like Boyle, will see that a few things have changed in about 3 decades.
It is the price to pay for success. And, thus, that wild and uncontaminated charm has been somewhat lost with the presence of many tourists and, above all, of the many boats, small and large, that shuttle to the beach.

The beach, from 01 January 2022 has been open for a few months, with staggered admissions (300 tourists every hour, from 10:00 to 16:00). The lucky ones were able to admire the beach returned to its splendor but, despite this, it was decided for a NEW CLOSURE UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER 2022.



The beautiful beach is located on Ko Phi Phi, in the Andaman Sea, in the archipelago of the same name, southwest of the Thai coast.
Its to be reached exclusively by boat.
If you are on holiday in Thailand, numerous boats depart from Phi Phi island every day offering fantastic tours, including this wonderful beach.
Furthermore, a ferry leaves every hour that quickly connects the island with the beach.

Even from Phuket, the largest Thai island, you can reach your destination comfortably by speedboat, in less than an hour. You could even opt to rent a private speedboat for up to 6 people, with around 4000 baht for half a day.

Coming from abroad, Bangkok International Airport will be your point of reference. From here, in about 80 minutes, you can reach Phuket by direct flight. There are 10 to 20 daily flights from the capital to the Thai island.


The beach IS CLOSED UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER 2022, but it is quite likely that it will be decided to extend the date until the end of the year. The hope is that the beach will return to its former glory, after the damage suffered by the action of man.
The diving and snorkeling activities are certainly among the most popular. You can admire the fascinating underwater life and, above all, the wonderful coral reef.

If still allowed, you can sleep in a tent for one night: an experience, according to many, absolutely wonderful and worth trying. In this case, of course, you will have to look for a valid option from the various tour operators in the area.


The best time to visit Maya Bay and Thailand is undoubtedly from December to early April. The climate is pleasant and, above all, almost free of rainfall.

The island is uninhabited and devoid of structures. To sleep, therefore, we recommend moving to the nearby island of Ko Phi Phi Don. You will find a wide choice of resorts of excellent quality.


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