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Getting around Phuket, Thailand, by car, scooter, taxi, bus, boat

Getting around Phuket

Getting around Phuket does not require special knowledge of the island. Using the car and the typical long-tail boats, you will be able to explore every corner of this paradise island.

Here are some valuable information that could be useful for getting around Phuket.


The car is, by far, the best way to get around the interior of the island, and discover the Temples and villages of Phuket. By car you can also easily travel from the airport, located to the north.
You can rent one directly at the airport, or, alternatively, you can book it directly online, taking advantage of particularly advantageous rates.
The national driving license and a credit card (not prepaid) will be sufficient to rent your car. Always take out an insurance policy that covers all damage, even simple scratches.
Before setting foot in the vehicle, it is preferable to photograph the bodywork and check that there are no discrepancies with the images in the bubble.

Getting around Phuket

If you intend to rent a scooter, keep in mind that the INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE is mandatory. Unless you have it, you will need to apply for it before you leave.
For the rest, the same region of the car applies. Full insurance is highly recommended. Always use a helmet because, in addition to being mandatory (if you stop you risk high fines), it is an excellent ally in case of accidents; here, every year, there are really many and it is mostly the centaurs who are involved.

The price to rent a scooter is around 250 baht, while for a car you pay, on average, 1300.


Sifting through the images of the island (online, on brochures), you will almost certainly have come across photos depicting these typical island boats. Narrow, with an elongated tail, they are the ideal way to move from one beach to another.
They were once known as Rua Hang Yao, they are not very fast, nor are they too comfortable, but they are really fascinating.
They can accommodate 8 people, and cost around 2000 baht for the whole day.


Getting around Phuket by public transport, you can only use buses. They are not the best for getting around the island and, above all, for moving between the beaches. Phuket Town is the nerve center from which the lines to the airport and the main beaches of the island branch off. Keep in mind, however, that there is no direct connection between the various beaches and, if you want to move, you will first have to return to the old city and, from here, take another line.
The buses depart on average every 30 minutes and the (cheap) ticket can be purchased directly on board the vehicle.


Numerous private taxis circulate on the island, in addition to public (taxis). The latter are not many, and, often, during the most hectic periods (such as at festivals or important events) it is difficult to find them.
Our advice is to always use public taxis because they are more reliable. Whichever vehicle you choose, always make sure in advance of the rate applied. Always take a look at the presence of the taximeter, making sure above all that it is working!
Alternatively, you could try to contact the facility where you are staying directly.

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