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Bergen Railway. Route of one of the most beautiful train journeys in world

Bergen Railway

Extraordinary nature. Suggestive landscapes. Breathtaking views and panoramas.
This, and more, immediately draws to Norway.
And here, even a simple train journey can turn into a real sensory and visual experience!

The Bergen Railway, also known as Bergensbana, is rightly counted among the most beautiful and scenic in the world.
It connects Oslo and Bergen, the two largest Norwegian cities, in a path of 493 kilometers of rare beauty, between lakes, streams, waterfalls, fjords, snow-covered landscapes (even in the less cold months) … reaching an altitude of 1222m above sea level in Finse.

Bergen Railway

Photo ©, Kabelleger / David Gubler

A wonderful journey in which nature is the great protagonist.

In addition to the two beautiful cities, you can admire the Hardangervidda National Park, and the plateau of the same name. The small village of Finse, where the highest point is reached. Myrdal, where the legendary Flåmsbana starts.

Whether you are on holiday in Oslo, or in any other remote part of the country, try to find time to leave on board this wonderful train. Maybe by booking a little in advance.
The journey that awaits you on the Bergen Railway will be truly exciting, glued to the window!


From Oslo to Bergen (and vice versa) for a total of 22 stops and a distance of 493 km.
Leaving the fascinating Capital, after about 170km, you reach Flå, where you will find the beautiful Bjørnepark, a wonderful park, ideal for adults and children. Bears, moose and many other animals that will keep you in close contact with nature.
Geilo, about 100km from Flå, is a popular ski destination and, above all, the gateway to Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet National Park. The magnificent landscape will literally keep you glued to the window.
In Finse, about 320km from Oslo, the Bergen Railway reaches its highest point: 1222 meters above sea level. Here, the arctic landscape seems to take you out of the world. It is no coincidence that some scenes of the Empire were shot in Finse.

Hardangerjokulen Attractions of Finse

Photo ©, Ingolf Nistad

You can also admire the majestic Hardangerjøkulen, the sixth largest glacier in the country.
30 km from Finse, the small village of Myrdal, reachable only by train or bike (through special paths). It is the terminus of the mythical Flåmsbana, one of the steepest railways in the world, with a gradient of 5.5 percent, for much of the route. National Geographic Traveler has included traveling with the Flåmsbana in the Top Ten of the best train journeys in the world.
Voss, less than 100 from Bergen, for many, is the Norwegian capital of extreme sports. Popular ski destination is famous throughout the country for hosting the Vossajazz, one of the most renowned events in Norway.
Beautiful Bergen is the worthy conclusion, or starting point, of this wonderful journey.


The trains are modern and comfortable, with spacious seats. The dining car is available inside the train.
The wifi line is available for the entire trip. Take into account, however, that the presence of numerous tunnels and some inaccessible areas will make the connection unstable.


The ticket can be purchased directly online on the Norwegian railway website.
The price from Oslo to Bergen, at a normal rate, is generally around 600NOK (about 60 €).
By booking well in advance you can guarantee your tickets at a special price. They are offered in very limited numbers with discounts of up to 50%. Obviously these are non-refundable tickets.

By booking in advance, the availability will be higher, and you can choose the first available trip in the morning (highly recommended), around 08. In this case you will travel in full light, and you will be able to admire the surrounding landscape without problems. Otherwise, especially in the middle of winter, a good part of the route will have to be done in the dark, or in any case with very little external light.
Keep in mind that the first train ticket in the morning is always the most expensive.


From Oslo, 3 daily departures are guaranteed, at 08:25, 12:03 and 15:43. A couple of times a week, there is also a night run, departing from the capital at 23:25.
From Bergen, the train leaves at 07:54, 11:57 and 15:57. Night run, on the scheduled days, at 22:59.

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