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Get in Norway by plane, train, ferryboats from main destinations. Info

Get in Norway

It is undoubtedly the aircraft, the most practical and convenient solution for reaching all of Scandinavia. Train and bus are solutions to be taken into consideration, coming exclusively from neighboring Sweden.
Given the high distances from Europe, the car is not the best way to get to Norway


Oslo-Gardermoen represents the reference point for the country’s air connections. From here, every day, numerous national direct connections are guaranteed and with numerous European and non-European destinations.
The airport is located approximately 60 km north of the capital.
Sandefjord-Torpe is an excellent low-cost alternative to Gardermoen thanks to the presence of RyanAir and Wizz Air. The two companies offer connections, newspapers, with the main destinations of Western and Eastern Europe. The airport is located in the small village of Sandefjord, just over 100 km from Oslo.
Furthermore, from both airports you can easily move around the country using efficient public transport.

Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim are other great ways to get to Norway. The three international airports have a reasonable influx of passengers. Furthermore, every day there are guaranteed direct connections with some important European and, above all, British cities.


Norwegian State Railways (NSB) are the Norwegian state railways, together with the Swedish ones, a reference point in railway connections.
The train, in our opinion, is a solution to be taken into consideration to move within the country, rather than to arrive in Norway.
Practicable, exclusively, coming from neighboring Sweden.
The best connections are to Oslo, Troindheim and Narvik, the main railway hubs.

Almost similar discussion concerns the bus. Practical solutions from Gothenburg and Stockholm, thanks to the connections offered by Nettbus and Swebus. The bus journey can be cheaper than the train, but practicable coming from Sweden.


Get in Norway

There are numerous companies that connect the country with Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

The most frequent connections are with Denmark. Stena, Fjord, DFDS Seaways allow you to arrive in Norway from Frederikshavn, Hirtshals or Copenhagen.
Instead, we need about 20 hours of crossing from the port of Kiel, in Germany, to arrive in Norway.

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