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Getting around Bergen on foot, bike, car, taxi, bus. Public transport tickets

Getting around Bergen

Small and with a historic center concentrated in a few kilometers, Bergen can be easily explored on foot. Public transport, on the other hand, is a good alternative to reach more distant neighborhoods, or the airport. The car is absolutely not suitable for getting around Bergen.


From the boarding terminal, to the port, passing through Bryggen, the fish market, or the train station, you will have no difficulty in getting around on foot. The streets in the center are passable without particular difficulty even by people with mobility difficulties, in wheelchairs, and for families with pushchairs.
For moving from one point of interest to another, in the central area of ​​the city, you walk for no more than 20 minutes


Getting around Bergen

Bra for deg, bra for Bergen !, or, “Good for you, good for Bergen”. The rental company Bergen Bysykkel emphasizes the sustainable aspect and ease of use of the bicycle. A means, however, not always recommended due to the not exactly excellent infrastructures. The city does not have a network of adequate cycle paths and, often, walking along the cobblestone streets is not the best.
If you are diehard of two wheels, you can rent it at one of the 100 points in the city. Just download the official app, register with your data and card details, following the instructions.
The price of a ride up to 45 minutes is 29NOK, and also includes unlocking. With the DAY PASS rate, at a cost of 49NOK, you can take advantage of unlimited journeys of 45 minutes, over a whole day.


Taxis are notoriously expensive. Here, as in the rest of the country. Generally stations in pre-established points of the city and in strategic areas such as the station and airport.
There are several companies but, generally, the prices are almost identical.
You can also contact your facility, or book the call. In this case, an additional fee applies.



More correctly, the Light Metro connects the center of Bergen (Byparken) with the southern part of the city, passing through the railway station, until reaching the airport, the terminus. To travel the entire stretch from Byparken to the airport, it takes about 45 minutes.
It operates every day, including Sundays and holidays, from approximately 06:00 to 00:30. The frequency, at peak times, is around 10 minutes. On Sundays and holidays, it can be as long as 30′.
On Fridays and Saturdays, after midnight, the night service is active with two departures every hour.

Thanks to the low floor, the vehicle is perfectly accessible for wheelchair users.


Just under 50 lines shuttle between Bergen, the suburbs and neighboring villages. Buses are not a particularly popular means of transport for tourists for getting around Bergen, often due to the difficulty of navigating the connections.
Some buses are identified by the letter E after the number, indicating an EXPRESS line.


The tariff system is regulated according to the number of zones crossed. For getting around Bergen it will be sufficient to buy a ticket for a single zone. This includes the municipality of Bergen, Askøy, Øygarden, Osterøy, Alver, Austrheim, Fedje.
The ticket for a single ride, aged 18 and over, costs 39NOK. With this ticket you can also use more than one vehicle, but you will not be able to make a round trip. You can, for example, reach the airport from the center of Bergen.
The 24-hour ticket, on the other hand, costs 100NOK per person, per adult. It allows unlimited travel for the whole day, on buses, trams and boats in the Askøy area. The 7-day ticket, on the other hand, costs 230NOK per adult.
Children from 5 to 18 years old pay a reduced rate of 50%.

You can also carry a bike on the vehicles. You need to purchase the appropriate 20NOK ticket for each single journey.

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