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Bergen, Norway. How to get there by car, train, boat, plane, bus


The gateway to the fjords of Western Norway.

Young and vibrant, Bergen is the second largest city in the country. This, however, should not be misleading: despite being one of the most popular destinations in Norway, it has managed to maintain its welcoming and discreet character, inextricably linked to its origins and traditions.

History. Nature. Culture. Shopping. Gastronomy. A holiday in these parts can be defined as truly complete. Even for a simple weekend. A welcoming city. The cultural center of the country, thanks also to the presence of young people and university students.

You can taste the traditional fish soup, prepared with the traditional recipe. Without missing a trip to the famous fish market.
You can take a stroll through the narrow streets of Bryggen, the charming UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its colorful wooden terraced houses. Or, admire the city and the surrounding landscape from the top of Fløyen; maybe after a pleasant funicular ride.

Bergen is a truly magical city, set in a real fairytale setting. A place that you will learn to love right away.



Coming from Europe, or from Norway itself, the plane is probably the only solution to consider for a short visit, or a simple weekend. Train and car are the most fascinating and suggestive solutions which, however, require a lot of time available during your holiday, perhaps providing for one or more breaks.


Undoubtedly the quickest and most comfortable solution to reach the Norwegian city. Flesland International Airport is a 20-minute drive from the city, and is perfectly connected, with direct flights, to numerous European destinations, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Rome.
From the airport you can reach the city in about 30 minutes, thanks to the convenient Flybussen, or by public transport.


Solution of great charm and suggestion, to be taken into account coming from Oslo. In this case, if it were your intention to visit Bergen, a train journey represents a real sensory and visual experience. About 7 hours of incredible views and breathtaking panoramas, including fjords, waterfalls, rivers. The so-called Bergensbanen, the line that connects Bergen to the capital, is considered one of the most spectacular railway lines in the world.
Generally, the price is around 600NOK (about 60€), but, by booking in advance on the official website, you can buy the ticket at a discounted price.


NOR-WAY offers numerous national connections throughout the country and you can reach your destination from major Norwegian cities, including Oslo. The buses are quite comfortable and comfortable and, compared to the train, they are cheaper. Don’t expect huge savings, however. Far from it.

Bergen is an important port and, as such, maritime connections with various Norwegian destinations are frequent. There are several agencies that offer hookups. There are quick connections to Stavanger. Or, even with Denmark (Hirtshals).
The terminal is located in the city center, a short distance from the train station and the Bryggen district.


Breathtaking landscapes. Scenic roads. Areas with a truly unique charm. Arriving by car is undoubtedly a unique experience. You will have to take into account, first of all, the climatic conditions which, at times, make the journey difficult.
From the capital, the E16 motorway section is undoubtedly the least tiring.
The Hardangervidda route is, on the other hand, one of the most fascinating and scenic, where you will have to deal with the weather conditions, the narrow and winding roads.
Often, tunnel crossings, spectacular bridges, mixed routes with ferries await you.
If you travel by car, the watchword must always be safety, making sure you have suitable tires (even if you rent a car), warm clothes, food and drinks … Always pay attention to speed limits and travel safely.

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