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Bryggen, the district with colorful wooden houses in Bergen. What see


There is no photo or brochure of Norway that does not portray the charming colorful terraced houses overlooking the harbor.

We are in Bergen, one of the most important cities in Norway.
The place is Bryggen, the historic district of the city and the real hub of the Hanseatic League trade.
A place that, precisely because of its historical importance, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

A neighborhood that in addition to its uniqueness, has been able to maintain its original appearance unchanged, thanks to a meticulous reconstruction that has been able to enhance the entire area.
Its colorful terraced houses, with sloping roofs, are the testimony of a style that continues to live today.
Both in architecture and in commerce (with the necessary differences).


You can count about 60 buildings overlooking the harbor. Beautiful. Stylized. But, above all, colored.
Just the way we like it!

If you are in Bergen, this will certainly be the starting and ending point of your vacation.



The district is located on the eastern side of the bay of Vågen.
You can arrive and move easily on foot, being not far from the main towns and attractions of Bergen.
By bus, lines 10, 18, 103 and 200 park at the stop of the same name. Not far from here, in Bradbenken, lines 3, 4, 12, 16E, 19 and 39 stop.
Alternatively, on the opposite side, you go down to Torget.
The three stops cover a stretch of just 500m, easily covered on foot.

Fløibanen, the beautiful cable car, is a couple of minutes’ walk from here. From Strandkaiterminalen båtkai, the ferry terminal, you can walk for no more than 10 minutes.


Bryggen is the beating heart of the whole city. The postcard view is a wedding invitation for photographers and enthusiasts. The narrow alleys are ideal for pleasant walks.
Among the houses overlooking the pier, you can satisfy your desire for shopping. Many offer mainly souvenirs, commercial products, but the temptation is really great.
Prices are not exactly cheap. Try, however, to make a high at the nearby fish market: you will realize that in these parts the term “cheap” is certainly not in fashion!
The food at Fisketorget i Bergen is really great. It is not a real market. The food is really good, but the cost is very high. However, consider that you are on vacation: better not to spare any expenses !!!

A few minutes walk and you can take the Fløibanen funicular: the view from above is truly spectacular.


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