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Finse in Norway, the highest point of the Bergensbanen. How to get


Finse is a small mountain village that is mirrored in Lake Finsevatnet, more than 300km north-west of Oslo.

The village rises 1222 meters above sea level and its railway station is, in fact, the highest in all of Norway.

There are really many curiosities about this small village. Starting from the fact that some scenes of the Empire were shot in this area, it strikes again, of the wonderful saga of Star Wars.
BBC sources also claim that the village was used as a training base for the Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton expedition.

Finse Norway

Photo ©, Nikolaj F. Rasmussen

In winter, it is a popular ski destination, while in summer it is very popular with bikers.


The village can be reached only and only by train, with the Bergen Railway (Bergabanen). An absolutely fascinating and evocative journey, between wonderful and incredible landscapes.
From Oslo, you travel 324 kilometers, with a journey time of approximately 4 and a half hours. The distance from Bergen, on the other hand, is about 170km.
During the summer, with favorable weather conditions, it can be reached by bike, crossing the Rallarvegen. It is a suggestive panoramic stretch to be covered by bike. The distance from Haugastøl is approximately 30 kilometers.


Being small and concentrated, you can travel around the village only on foot.
The bike, which you will necessarily have to bring with you, is an excellent solution for visiting the surrounding landscape.

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