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Airtrain New York. Info, timetables, tickets, where to get, metro connections

Airtrain New York

The JFK International Airport in New York is one of the busiest and most extensive in the world, with as many as 9 Terminals and over 30 million passengers in transit every year!
In this huge area, moving between terminals, or reaching downtown New York, might seem quite difficult.
In reality, however, it is not at all.

The best solution is, without a doubt, Airtrain New York. A light surface subway, which allows you to move for FREE between the 9 Terminals, until you reach (for a fee) several New York metro stations.

AirTrain New York

Photo ©, Kai Brinker


Airtrain New York is a surface subway. At the airport, you will have to go outside the terminals and follow the very precise directions. Outside each terminal you will find your train stop and, of course, lots of passengers waiting at the dock.


Ai train New York is active every day of the year, including holidays, 24 hours a day. The frequency also reaches only 2 minutes.

Three lines are active, identified by three different colors. The Green Line (Howard Beach Line) and the Red Line (Jamaica Station Line)

The Howard Beach Line connects, at the final station, to Metro Line A, which serves Lower Manhattan. It also makes an intermediate stop at Lefferts Boulevard Station.
The Jamaica Station Line is connected to the Jamaica station of the Long Island Rail Road to reach Manhattan, and to the three lines of the metro E, J, Z. The E line serves
Midtown Manhattan and Queens, while the J and Z Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn lines.


Move between one terminal and another is COMPLETELY FREE. You won’t have to buy anything. To reach Jamaica and Howard Beach, instead, you will have to buy the ticket at a cost of $8.00.
You can purchase a new MetroCard ($1.00) or refill it using cash, credit or debit card at the Ticket Vending Machines in Howard Beach or Jamaica Station.

There are several ways to save on the ticket, including the 10-journey AIRTRAIN ticket. It costs $25 and can be used simultaneously by up to 4 people. It is convenient if you are already traveling in 3 and you will need to use the Airtrain New York for a round trip.

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