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Sleep in New York. The best hotels and apartments, areas, hostels, b&b

Sleep in New York

Choosing the right accommodation in which to sleep in New York could be a tough challenge. And it is just as complicated to disentangle between hotels, hostels, apartments and districts. It is, however, the largest metropolis in the world. Here are some indications that could be useful for sleeping in New York.

The city is not particularly cheap, therefore, a good idea to save money could be a structure far from the center, but close to the metro. Indeed, New York public transport is incredibly efficient, allowing you to move freely around the clock.

Do you have a limited budget and … adaptability? Then a hostel with a shared bathroom is the right solution; although it is almost certainly far from Manhattan. Alternatively, you could look for an apartment, even in the Manhattan area. An equipped apartment will save you … on the restaurant! Through this link, you can view the best apartments available in New York.

Long Island City

Where to sleep in New York

The neighborhood, located in the Queens district, is one of the best for value for money. Compared to other areas, the average saving is around 20%. Excellent average quality and location: in 15/20 minutes by metro you will be in Manhattan. Booking in advance, it is not impossible to find accommodation for less than $ 100 per double room.

In addition, Long Island City boasts countless viewpoints of the wonderful New York City skyline. Nearby you will find places of interest such as the MoMa Ps1 (the contemporary wing of the Moma). You can enjoy a short ride on one of the East River Ferry hydrofoils (Hunters Point South pier). Reaching Manhattan by sea is really a great way to see New York from another perspective! And, in a short time you can reach the international JFK airport.

Through this link, you can view the best offers for the facilities in the area.

Harlem, Central Park side

Harlem, on the Central Park side, is a fairly inexpensive solution. Thanks to the recent redevelopment, she managed to shake off the label of an infamous area and, here, you can sleep in New York at affordable prices.

In Harlem you will find excellent bed and breakfasts to feel like real New Yorkers, in typical red-brick houses!

The area is well served by the Metro; in 20/25 minutes you get to Broadway. You will have plenty of cafés, pubs, and typical restaurants.

From this link, the best deals for Harlem.


It is one of the most sought after areas of the “Big Apple”. An island where most of the “American icons” are concentrated: Times Square, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, the shopping street par excellence 5th Avenue, Central Park, Ellis Island (statue of liberty); these are just some of New York’s iconic attractions or places.

Times Square / Broadway

This is the most important and crowded area of ​​New York. Times Square and Broadway are famous all over the world for the endless number of attractions on these streets. Here, you will find the most important theaters; shops, pubs, the famous Empire State Building; Rockefeller Center, Columbus Circle and much more.

It’s difficult here to find accommodations for less than $ 100 a night. To have quality facilities in the area, you could even spend 300! Great area to enjoy the energy of Times Square until late at night. Click here to search for the best deals… regardless of expense!

Central Park Upper / West Side

Ideal for families, couples, singles seeking tranquility, in an area not too far from Manhattan. Whether you choose the west side or the east side. Prices are lower than Times Square, but certainly not cheap. Rather.

Try to look for, perhaps, a structure with a park view; let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of this authentic New York green lung. We are sure that you will have a wonderful experience; sleeping on one side of Central Park is truly unique. You will enjoy the tranquility of the area, and at the same time, unparalleled places and attractions. The Natural History Museum and the Guggenheim are located right here.

Among the many positive notes, the fact of having “within a meter” all the busiest places in the city. The prices, of course, are quite high; in particular along the East Side, as it is a residential area in which numerous VIPs live. From this link, the best facilities in Central Park.

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