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One week in New York. What to do and see. Best places, attractions

One week in New York

New York is an immense metropolis with a truly impressive number of museums, attractions and entertainment venues. Probably, even a month would be enough to appreciate all the beauties. A week’s vacation in New York, however, represents the right compromise to “savor the Big Apple”.


New York Times Square

The hours of flight, and the time zone, will bring scars throughout the day. In all likelihood, having arrived at the hotel, the first thing you will want to do is rest. Some flights arrive in New York in the early afternoon, and others arrive in the late afternoon. On the first day of the week in New York you can dedicate it to an evening outing. Take the metro, or taxi, and get off at Columbus Circle; from here, in a southerly direction, start along the famous Broadway Avenue. In the evening it’s a real show!

You will probably see smoldering manholes on street corners, curious kids wearing huge advertising posters, historical Hot-dog vendors. If you notice all this, and, above all, so much light on the street, as if it were noon, then … you are right in New York City!

Broadway Avenue is one of Manhattan’s historic streets; the area is also known as the Theater District, due to the impressive number of theaters. The offer is quite varied: it goes from the timeless classics to the new successful musicals like Chicago or Wicked.

During your week-long vacation in New York, it would not be bad at all to attend a musical, or a theater show. Book a little early, because tickets literally sell like hot cakes, at any time of the year. For info and schedules, you can consult the official website for Broadway shows:

Continuing the walk you will arrive at Times Square, a place that owes its name to the famous New York newspaper; in 1903, the newspaper’s publisher then asked the mayor, successfully, that the square be renamed in their honor.

Times Square is full of life. Here, the most famous New Year celebrations are held in the world. We recommend relaxing on the famous staircase in the center of the square, from which you can also take beautiful photos, thanks to the many billboards. Keep in mind that this is the most photographed and admired square in the world, preceded by noble names such as the Champs-Élysées in Paris, Trafalgar Square in London or Tiananmen Square in Beijing!

In Times Square, AmericanEagle, Levi’s, Oakley, or Quick Silver await you, just to name a few. Depending on the period, you may find great discounts. Alternatively, take a trip to the M&MS Store, for young and old, where everything is sold: from the famous colored confetti, to the cushions, pajamas, and bathrobes. The prices are quite high, but it is worth making at least one jump to savor the joyous and festive climate, bearing in mind that if you were with children, you can’t avoid spending a few dollars! The shops usually close late in these parts.

For dinner you could stop at Del Frisco’s Double Steak House, a place located near El Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall, about 7 minutes from Times Square; this restaurant is central, well-attended and welcoming, with medium-high prices, known above all for its delicious “fillet of meat”, accompanied by mushrooms.


New York Central Park

Did you rest well? Has the time zone been recovered? Let’s hope so. What you need now is at your hotel or, alternatively, at the first Starbucks on the street. You will find one, practically in every corner of the city; the coffee is pretty good, and not to be missed, the cappuccino with cream, and the White Chocolate mocha with cream; perhaps accompanied by delicious croissants or stuffed bundles; A plus point, free Wi-Fi is available!

The Metropolitan Museum (Met) is located on the Upper East Side, on the right side of Central Park, along the Museum Miles (museum mile); thanks to the high concentration of museums in the area, the Met is one of the largest and most important museums in the world.

With more than two million works of art divided into 19 sections, it is a veritable “labyrinth of culture”; the permanent collection, presents works dating back to classical antiquity and ancient Egypt, paintings and sculptures of almost all the greatest European masters, and a vast collection of American and modern art.

The Met also has a considerable amount of African, Asian, Oceanian, Byzantine and Islamic works of art.

A day would not be enough to visit all the sections, and therefore, the advice is to plan the visit according to one’s tastes and interests. The Met also has a secondary site, called The Cloisters, which contains the section dedicated to medieval art. We recommend visiting the official website to learn about collections and updated information.

How to get. By Metro, lines 4, 5, 6 to 86th street stop.

Timetables. Open every day; from March to October from 10am to 5.15pm; from November to February from 10am to 4.45pm. Closed for Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day), December 25th, January 1st and the first Sunday in May.

Prices. Entry is “free” with a voluntary offer; in reality the suggested offer for an adult is $ 20, $ 10 for students and free for children under 12 accompanied by adults.
The ticket price also includes a visit to the Cloisters, the part of the museum located in Central Park.

Entrance to the museum is included with the CityPass New York.

Hoping you didn’t get tired very much, we recommend, as soon as you leave the Museum, go to Central Park, one of the most famous parks in the world. Designed by Frederick Law and Calvert Vaux, the Park covers 843 acres. Millions of tourists from all over the world are fascinated by the delightful piers on the many lakes; you can rent rowing boats, relax on the lawn and, perhaps, make friends with cute squirrels.

Weather permitting, there’s nothing better than having a picnic in Central Park; go shopping at one of the New York markets, relax and have lunch in the park. The best places for the picnic are Sheep Meadow and the Great Lawn.

The park is open every day of the year, including holidays, from 06:00 to 01:00.

An excellent idea to optimize the time available is to visit the nearby American Museum of Natural History, made even more famous by the film A Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller. Here the scenes of the famous film were shot.

Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, it is one of the most important, and richest, natural history museums in the world. You will find representations of the Habitats of living mammals on the whole globe; in the Sala degli Oceani (first floor), don’t miss the chance to admire a specimen of Blue whale hanging from the ceiling.

One of the most admired rooms is that of the Dinosaurs, characterized by reconstructions such as those of the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex, placed at the entrance of the museum; another very interesting section is the “RoseCenter” room in the Space Exploration, on the third floor, which houses a planetarium reproduction in which to admire wonderful projections of space. You can even touch a real meteorite: an unforgettable experience! Especially on vacation with your children

How to get. Central Park West at 79th Street.
Metro 81st Street, line B / C

Prices. Free with the New York CityPASS. Adults $ 22; Children aged 2 to 12 $ 12.50; Students $ 17.

Timetables. From 10am to 5.45pm every day, closed for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

For dinner, less than 10 minutes walk, take a trip to Shake Shack, a Must in the United States! From a small street kiosk through the streets of Wall Street, to a real chain present throughout America and Europe. The strengths of this fast-food restaurant are: freshness of the products, speed, cleanliness and an average price; don’t miss the delicious twist fries with Shack souce (sauce), or its famous lemonade and milkshakes.

If you are with friends or with your partner and you want to spend, a New York evening, Kanoa recommends taking a trip to B.B. King Blues Club. Here passed the greatest American artists, masters of Jazz and Blues; not to be missed during your week-long vacation in New York. Generally tickets are purchased on the official website, and, on average, the costs of the show alone are around 20 dollars per person, although they vary depending on the importance of the guest. There is more than one show, even at lunchtime, while in the evening, however, only two take place, at 7.30pm and 9.30pm respectively; the minimum consumption inside, such as a beer, is 10 dollars, and there is also the possibility of dining (which we do not recommend, for the bad value for money!).


One week in New York

The Statue of Liberty is, without doubt, one of the symbols of New York, and of the whole America, entered into the collective imagination. Present, almost systematically, in all the American films shot in New York, you will see it up close.

With the Metro, from Times Square, it takes about 20 minutes to arrive; you need to get off at South Ferry Station, 2 minutes walk and you will find the Battery Park Marine Station, where there is the ticket office for Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

The convenient CityPASS includes the free visit of the Statue of Liberty and the Immigration Museum. Generally, it takes a couple of hours to visit each island: after 2 pm you can visit only one.

Arriving on the island, you can admire Lady Liberty in all its splendor. Seen from Manhattan, the statue does not seem particularly large but, once arrived at the site, it reveals its imposing presence; visitors can climb to the top and look out from his crown.

The Statue of Liberty was designed by the French sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi, and was donated to the United States by the French for the centenary of the American revolution.

The statue is 46 meters high and 225 tons heavy; it is rich in symbols: the torch that holds in his right hand represents the light of freedom, in his left hand he holds a book that bears the words “July IV MDCCLXXVI” (4 July 1776), or the date on which the Declaration was signed of American Independence; furthermore, the crown with seven points symbolizes the 7 seas and 7 continents.

On this island there are also refreshment points for outdoor dining overlooking the statue and Manhattan.

Next, take the ship and drive to Ellis Island to visit the Immigration Museum. Here, you will discover the stories of over 12 million immigrants arriving in the United States; maybe, following your surname you could discover the history of your ancestors … really exciting!

Returning to Manhattan, and more precisely to Battery park, cross the small park in front of the boardings, take the Broadway road, and after not even 5 minutes of walking, you will reach the legendary Wall Street.

Timetables. Ticket office open daily, 07: 45-16: 30.
Boats leave every 30-45 minutes; the first boat leaves at 8:30 am from the Memorial Day weekend up to and including Columbus Day, and 9:30 am for the rest of the year.

Closed on Christmas day.

For info on ferry timetables visit the website:

Kanoa advises to take refreshment every now and then, having a coffee or an ice cream, maybe in the many parks of New York; often the fact of being around all day can tire enough, and taking a refreshing break is at least appropriate !!

Wall Street is a financial area that is part of the Financial District, in the lower part of Manhattan; owes its name to the city walls, long since dismantled.

In this street, and throughout the district, there are the historic buildings of the city, such as the New York Stock Exchange (the American stock exchange), seat of the city government; Trinity Church, in full Gothic style, once, one of the tallest buildings in the city; the Federal Hall National Monument, in which George Washington swore for the post of first president of the United States of America.

The New York Stock Exchange is truly impressive with its facade featuring large Corinthian columns; every day, in this building, the financial fate of the USA is decided, and, in general, of the whole world.

You can’t miss a picture with the Charging Bull, the Wall Street bull found in nearby Bowling Green Park.

How to get. If you come back from a visit to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, you will reach Wall Street in just a few minutes; if instead you were to arrive on purpose, perhaps from other areas of the city, the Metro is recommended, getting off at the Wall Street or Broad Street stop.

Visiting it during the week, you will be able to see the chaotic life of the Broker up close. In the evening and in the Weekend the area is almost deserted.

Visiting it during the week, you will be able to see the chaotic life of the Broker up close. In the evening and in the Weekend the area is almost deserted.

Take the Metro Line 2 back to Mid-Town, and get off at the 50 St stop (average journey time 25 minutes): it’s time to look down at New York at the Top of The Rock (Rockefeller Center). It is a private complex of 19 commercial buildings, unique of its kind and among the most important in the world, located near Central Park. Among the most famous buildings, we first mention the Radio City Music Hall (completed in December 1932), at the time, the largest theater in the world, able to hold 6000 spectators; another building not to be missed is the GE Building, already known as RCA Building, true heart of Rockefeller Center, with its 70 floors, and 266 meters high!

The Rockefeller Center is famous for the famous outdoor ice skating rink and for its wonderful Christmas tree (which you will have certainly noticed in many American films); every year, the lighting ceremony of the world’s most famous tree attracts millions of visitors.

It houses, among others, the offices of the Rockefeller family (between the 54th and 56th floors), the headquarters of NBC, and on the 65th floor, the famous Rainbow Room restaurant.

At the top of the skyscraper the observatory, called top of the rock, is accessible to the public (for a fee). An incredible place, to take your breath away, in the evening or by day based on the time you dedicate, with a wonderful view of the city. From the south side, towards lower Manhattan, you will notice the other very large Empire State Building skyscraper; if you turn north, you will see Central Park. Observation levels are 3: on the 67th, 69th and 70th floors (the latter has a height of 253 meters above the ground) for a total area of 5110 square meters.

The style that distinguishes this building is the Art Decò, with simple lines. The Top of the Rock unlike the other skyscrapers of New York, does not have a spire at the top.

How to get. The building is located at 1230 6th Avenue, within walking distance as it is near many Manhattan attractions.

Metro lines B, C, D, F, M station 47-50th Street-Rockefeller Center.

Timetables. Open every day, from 08:00 to midnight. The last lift goes up at 11pm. Times may vary on holidays.

Prices. Children aged 6 to 12 $ 26; Over 60, $ 30. Free with CITYPASS.

In our opinion, the ideal time to visit the Top of the Rock panoramic terrace is in the morning, between 08:00 and 10:00, and in the evening between 22:00 and 23:00.

At the Rainbow Room, an exclusive restaurant located on the 65th floor of the Top of Rock, you can dine, or enjoy an aperitif with a spectacular view of New York; obviously it’s quite expensive.

We recommend directing you a few steps from here, reaching Times Square, where you’ll be spoiled for choice to eat: Sbarro, in New York, is an institution. You can choose between pizza and some first (let’s say Italian), spending the right amount; 2 minutes from Times Square!


chinatown New York

Fourth day of a week in New York: we recommend taking the metro towards south Manhattan; from Times Square take the Red 1 line, and in 20 minutes get off at the Soho stop, short for SOuth of HOuston (Houston street); a real neighborhood to live, taking a nice walk and mixing with the locals. Here live VIPs, artists, singers, famous actors; it’s the place where you can go shopping spree, between niche boutiques and big brands.

In this wonderful neighborhood, it is not difficult to come across contemporary art galleries; don’t miss the drawing center and the Franklin Bowles Gallery, an art gallery that houses works by Chagall, Matisse, Mirò, Rembrandt.

SoHo, bordered by Little Italy and Chinatown.

In Little Italy, entire generations have settled in Manhattan over the years; more precisely, in this district, between 1860 and 1880, the migratory flow towards the big apple began. In 1920 more than 300,000 Italians arrived in New York, settling between Bleeker street, Baxter Street, and Elizabeth Street.

Today, the Little Italy of the past is no longer there, invaded by nearby Chinatown and the buildings of Soho; the Italians who are a very considerable number in New York, in recent years have moved to the Bronx and Staten Island.

Chinatown, in New York, is the largest Eastern Community outside of Asia.

In 1858, there were the first arrivals in New York, which over the years have become over 10,000; in the beginning, Chinatown was not as it is today. The New York police had to deal with drugs and prostitution, bars and restaurants run by unwelcome lords and many gang murders, to define the various clandestine traffic.

Chinatown is one of the very few Manhattan neighborhoods made of narrow streets that intersect each other; besides being very quiet, it is a booming neighborhood; at every corner you will see pagodas, lanterns, fruit or fish stalls, souvenir shops, but, above all, lots of curious tourists.

The main, and not to be missed, arteries are Canal Street and Mott Street; while walking, do not miss the chance to take some photos at Columbus Park, an authentic green lung, very nice, where you can see old people playing Chinese chess, children playing with their mothers; even, under the large pagoda, there is an outdoor gym. Keep in mind, finally, that buying souvenirs in Chinatown is a great idea, as you will save several dollars compared to many other parts of New York.

Starting from Columbus Park, walk towards the State Supreme Court, located 2 minutes away, in a large square; later, you will pass the police station in New York, (don’t worry, we will not take you to the police station), and soon after, you will begin to see signs for the Brooklyn Bridge. A place whose image lives in symbiosis with New York. A bridge immortalized in many films, under every point of observation, light, and condition.

It was built between 1869 and 1883 and connects Lower Manhattan, the Financial district, with the Borough of Brooklyn, crossing the East River.

You can visit it for its entire length on foot, thanks to the wooden walkway that passes over the lanes reserved for cars. From Manhattan, the bridge is accessed via Center Street, while in Brooklyn the pedestrian entrance is on Tilary Street, at the junction with Adams Street; calculate that the walk on foot, round-trip, takes about 5km.

Kanoa recommends proceeding from Manhattan, but you can also get on the metro (line 2 or 3) to Brooklyn on Clark street and proceed in reverse. One thing is certain: the panorama that the New York City Skyline offers from the opposite bank of the river is something that you will carry forever in your memories. Once the Brooklyn Side Boardwalk is finished, you can turn right, or left; take a break, there are benches: it is ideal after a long walk. You will take excellent photographs and also see one of the most beautiful views in New York. Before heading to Brooklyn, stop at Roberta’s Pizza, across the bridge, on Old Fulton Street; you can get there by taxi, in about 10 minutes, or by Metro line L. Roberta’s Pizza is located at Moore Street: it is reported among the best pizzerias in New York, having, among other things, a wood-burning oven. Don’t be fooled by the fairly anonymous entrance. You will find a welcoming atmosphere, among wooden tables, colorful murals, many young people, and a very cool location. The pizza is good and, perhaps, you will also be a little tired of always eating steaks and hamburgers; they have great beers, of which all Brooklyn is famous: in the area, in fact, there are ancient breweries, and, we are sure, you will appreciate. The prices are not excessive.

Brooklyn is a district of New York that, in recent years, has had incredible growth; artists and celebrities have chosen to live right here. Less prohibitive rentals, less chaos and proximity to Manhattan, make Brooklyn a human scale. Fulton Street is the main artery for walking and shopping, including malls and lots of shops.

The heart of Brooklyn is the Civic Center, next to Columbus Park: here the local market is set up; even the inhabitants of Manhattan travel to Brooklyn, to participate in the artistic, musical, theatrical events organized by the Academy of Music.

Brooklyn Heights attracts many visitors and citizens for its strategic location. In fact, it is a neighborhood that is part of the Brooklyn district and is located along the East River waterfront. You can access it as soon as the bridge is finished, turning left; go right up to the river and start walking along the Promenade, where you will see one of the most beautiful views in Manhattan. After a few minutes you will enter this very special neighborhood, noting the typical brownstones, among tree-lined avenues and historic buildings dating back to the 1800s, churches and federal buildings; it will seem to you to return to another epoch, and it is crazy that in a few kilometers away there is a completely different atmosphere compared to the chaotic Manhattan.

At this point we recommend, just 5 minutes walk from Old Fulton Street, the Brooklyn Tabernacle; on Tuesdays you can go there by 5pm, while on other days, times are from 9am to 5pm. It is a place of prayer, very large, well-kept, and imposing. Pretty interesting gospel music.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle is still an experience to try if you are in Brooklyn!

Official site for viewing timetables:

Probably, it will have been evening and you will be very tired for the intense day: Kanoa recommends, at this point, to return to Manhattan, by metro, always in the area of Times Square.

For dinner we recommend Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, in Times Square. Remember the famous film Forrest Gump, in which bubba and Gump (Tom Hanks) decided that once they returned from Vietnam they would buy a boat to enter the shrimp fishermen’s world? Well, this chain of restaurants, present throughout the USA, has faithfully recreated everything; even on the menu! At the Times Square restaurant it is possible to dine on the second floor on a window overlooking the square, which alone is worth the price of dinner.


It starts with a visit to the MOMA (Museum of modern Art), an extraordinary museum of modern art. It houses works by famous artists, modern sculptures, prints, photographs, multimedia materials. Really nice and interesting.

The MoMA is located at 11 West 53rd street, between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, and was founded in 1929 by three wealthy women, including John Rockefeller’s wife.

For an accurate visit according to your tastes and preferences, we recommend that you organize in advance what you want to see. The fifth floor, the most crowded of the museum, dedicated to the painting and sculpture of the most important artists in the world, from 800 to 1940 .

On the fourth floor instead, the most recent works are exhibited, from 1940 onwards, including the works of Andy Warhol and Duchamp.

The audio guide is included in the ticket price, and can be rented by leaving an ID card.

The museum, being one of the most important in the world, is quite crowded every day, and in particular on Fridays from 16 to 20 when free entry is provided!

How to get. E lines, V 5th avenue-53rd street stop

Timetables. From Saturday to Thursday 10.30-17.30. Friday 10.30–20.00 (in July and August it is open until 20.00 also on Thursday)
Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Prices. Full ticket, $20; students, $12. Free for children under 16 years.

Official Website:

Next stop, 5th Avenue not far from here. Coming from Central Park, you can enjoy a beautiful view; the fifth street is a very long New York Shopping thoroughfare, where the biggest names like Kors, Abercrombie, Tommy, Ralph have their own stores. You’ll also find Apple, Nike, and the most famous jewelers; probably your wives or girlfriends will let you into almost all the shops of the 5th street: be patient because this road is … very long !!!

Bryant Park, along the way, is an authentic green lung of the City set among countless cement.

Take a necessary break to refresh yourself and regain your energy.

Starting from Bryant Park, you have to cross east towards Madison Avenue, and just attached to the MET Life skyscraper (the world’s leading insurance company), you’ll find Grand Central Terminal. With 44 docks and 67 tracks, it is the largest station in the world; it was built in 1913 by the wealthy Vanderbilt family, extending over 2 levels below ground. The majesty of the architectural elements is impressive (marble staircases and floors, chandeliers, decorations, polishing …), among which stands the 4-sided opal clock, which has become the emblem of the station.

With 68 shops and 35 dining options, you will think you are in a shopping mall; Grand Central Terminal, besides being a point of arrival for millions of people, is clearly a city in the city. If you’re hungry, you’ll be spoiled for choice: on the lower level of the tracks, there are plenty of places to eat. From the legendary Burger with Shake sauce, Shake Shack, to oysters, fish and shellfish from the world-famous Oyster restaurant, to the excellent steaks of the Tri Tip Grill-

Grand Central Terminal is open every day, from 5.30 to 2.00

How to get there: lines 4, 5, 6, S, 7 Grand Central stop

Official website:

Walking along 5th Avenue towards Low Manhattan, at some point you will notice one of the most unusual buildings in the world: the Flatiron skyscraper. 86.9 meters high, it presents the curious shape of an iron: hence the name.

Not far away, the Empire State Building is, another unmissable stop on a week’s vacation in New York. Iconic place together with the Statue of Liberty.

With its 443 mt. of height (considering also the antenna), from 1931 year of construction to 1967, it was the largest skyscraper in the world. Every year it is a tourist destination for over three million visitors, who flock to the panoramic terrace of the eighty-sixth floor and the observatory to the 92nd.

As soon as you enter the atrium, in Art Deco style at 350 5th Avenue, you will realize the majesty of the Empire, decorated with Belgian black marble, pink Formosa marble and Rocheron marble of European origin; to complete the decorative apparatus of the atrium there are a series of symbols of the modern era depicted in chromed metal medallions set into the walls and finishes in aluminum and 23 carat gold leaf.

The building houses numerous offices, television studios, branches of the Bank of America and countless bars and restaurants; on the second floor there is the ticket office: the highly qualified security staff will show you the route to follow. Before reaching the elevators, a path will await you with historical notes documented by large photos, of the phases of the construction of the skyscraper, from which it is also possible to take a nice souvenir photo from a professional photographer.

Once you have taken the fast lift, the observatories of the 86th and 102nd floors offer an unforgettable 360° view of New York and its surroundings.

Planning the visit of the Empire in time is important: the best moments are basically the time slot that goes from 17 to 19, during sunset, and the range from 22 to 23, with the city beautifully lit.

How to get. Metro lines B, D, F, M station 34th-Herald Square.

Timetables. From 8 am to 2 am (the last lift starts at 1.15).

Prices not exactly cheap: to reach the terrace on the 102 floor, you pay as much as $ 52! Free with CITYPASS

Official Website:

What is needed now is a great Burger: take the F subway (orange) from Herald Square, and in 8 minutes get off at 57St, and reach Joint Burger, inside the luxurious Le Parker Meridien hotel; entering the hall on the left, you will find a rather small room, well furnished, with murals, written and with brownstones; the menu is presented on particular wall tables, and the kitchen is visible and very small. After a certain time, you might meet a lot of people, being the place quite famous in the city. We recommend the cheesburger, accompanied by draft beer; slightly high prices, but the quality of the meat is incredible.

After dinner you can end the evening in the glittering Times Square.


Ground Zero NY

This morning Kanoa takes you to Molly’s Cupcakes for a space breakfast !!

From Bryant Park take the Metro line D towards Coney Island and after 2 stops get off at West 4 Station; in 2 minutes walk, you can reach this Cupcakes temple. You can taste excellent cappuccinos and, above all, the best desserts in the city, which you can also stuff on request; the place, then, is really beautiful, and outside the box, with swings used as seats.

After this “sweet break”, head to the Chelsea neighborhood; just take metro line C to West 4 Station, and get off, after 4 stops, at 23St.

Chelsea, the art and gallery district, experienced high and low moments from 1750 to 1870. The success came especially after the opening of the Macy’s department store, the largest in the world. Alone, it takes up a whole block!

Don’t miss the Chelsea Art Museum (556 West 22nd Street) and Chelsea Piers, the largest sports and fitness center in New York; High-Line is a linear park built on a disused section of the elevated railway called the West Side Line, part of the wider New York Central Railroad.

Continuing along the High Line you will find, at a certain point, the famous Chelsea Market, an elegant market created from the former factory of the famous Oreos. It offers the best fish specialties in the country. Here, you can enjoy excellent freshly prepared sushi, or boiled lobster, really delicious, to be consumed strictly with bare hands; if you don’t want to have lunch or dinner, the Chelsea Market is an experience especially for the eyes, including bakeries, cake factories, high quality wines, bars and many exclusive products. Moreover, in the corridor that runs throughout the establishment, there are musicians and small events that make people happy during shopping.

Do not miss Fish food and the famous Lobster Roll, a shelled lobster, in the middle of a succulent sandwich.

Los Tacos N1, the best in the city.

Timetables. Mon-Sat 7am to 9pm; Sunday from 08 to 20.00.

How to get. It is located on 9th avenue between 15th and 16th street.

Official website:

To reach Ground Zero, take the metro line E to 14St. and after 4 stops, in about 10 minutes, get off at Chambers Street. 2 minutes walk and you will have arrived. Ground Zero is the area where the twin towers stood before September 11th.

On 12 September 2011 the memorial of the victims was inaugurated, and a few years later, on 21 May 2014, it opened the museum dedicated to them.

Being here inevitably will bring to mind the tragic events of the terrorist attacks, with the hope that such a massacre will never happen again.

Time and will permitting, you can watch a photographic exhibition of the tragic events for FREE. The Memorial can be visited every day, from 08.30 to 20.30, without the need for a pass or ticket. It consists of 2 huge tanks, very deep with the names of the victims carved at the edges; the silence is interrupted only by the incessant noise of the water. It is an incredible memorial, in its tragic meaning.

The National Memory Museum of 9/11, on the other hand, is paid, and is located exactly under the Memorial. Inside you will find an exhibition of photos, images, and artifacts through which the moments of the attack on the World Trade Center are experienced. From the preparation phases to the impacts of the aircraft on the Towers; it is a truly touching journey.

Prices. $ 24 for adults; $ 18 for those over 65; $ 15 for children aged 7 to 17;
Children up to 6 years enter for free.

Furthermore, every Tuesday you can enter for free from 5pm until closing.

Timetables. From Monday to Thursday from 9 to 20;
Friday and Saturday from 9am to 9pm. Last admission allowed at 6pm.

Official website:

Initially known as the Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center is the building that replaced what were once the twin towers; 541 meters high, it is the tallest skyscraper in the Western hemisphere. Measure 1776 feet: number that evokes the year of independence of the United States.

For the most part the skyscraper contains offices of the most important multinationals in the world, but what makes it unique is the observatory located on the top floor, inaugurated on 29 May 2015.

As you approach this structure, you realize its majesty.

At the entrance, the checks are really rigorous. Crossing the threshold, you will use one of the five fast elevators (sky pod), to reach the observatory, located on the 102nd floor, at The See Forever Theater; here, you can watch a two-minute video presentation, in a mix of bird’s eye view and 3D time lapse … Very exciting !!

From the observatory you will see Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the statue of liberty, the Empire. You can admire New York in all its immense beauty.

Tickets have a fixed day and time for entry, and allow access to the three floors of the observatory (100, 101 and 102).

How to get. One World Trade Center is located at 285 Fulton Street. The nearest metro stations are: Cortland Street line 1; Park Place lines 2 and 3; World Trade Center line E.

Prices. $ 32 for adults (13-64 years); $ 30 for seniors (65+); $ 26 for children aged 6 to 12;
Children up to 5 years of age enter for free.

To avoid the possible queue, we recommend buying tickets online at

Timetables. Until September 7th: from 9 to 24 (last ticket sold at 11:15 pm). From 8 September to 5 May 2016 from 9 to 20. Open every day.

For holidays, an extended timetable will operate and the observatory will remain open until midnight.

In the West Village, you will find Murray’s Chees Bar. You arrive by metro, getting off at West 4th St. This very special place offers lots of specialties prepared with the best cheeses from all over the world; it is open for lunch and dinner until 10 pm. Very informal, Kanoa recommends tasting Macs and chees … Spatial !!!

An evening at the disco, could be the worthy conclusion of the last day of a seventh in New York. Il Cielo, in the Matchpaking District, Output In Brooklyn and Marquee in the Chelsea neighborhood, they are excellent venues.


Leaving is never nice. Imagine it after a wonderful week-long vacation in New York. One last day to dedicate to shopping. To something to look into. Time available allowing and, above all, without forgetting to pack your bags for the return!

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New York



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