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Zagreb funicular, one of the oldest in the world. Prices schedules

Zagreb Funicular

More than a simple means of getting around the capital, the Zagreb Funicular (Uspiniača) represents a real journey through history.
In fact, inaugurated in 1890, it represents the oldest means of transport in the whole capital.

Particularly not negligible is the fact that it has preserved its original appearance, construction and most of the technical characteristics for over a century.
For this reason it has been classified as a Cultural Monument in Croatia!

Its historical events, however, have been quite mixed. Born as a steam funicular, it stood still for over 40 years since its birth, before the introduction of the electric motor, more reliable and efficient, and less subject to repair.

Among the firsts of this vehicle, also that of being one of the shortest and steepest funiculars in the world, with a journey of just 66 meters in length!
Admiring it from Tomić Street, in the lower part, you can see the terminus without any problem!

Zagreb Funicular - Uspiniača

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The route of the Zagreb Funicular is just 66 meters long for a total of only 2 stations. It connects the lower part of the capital with the upper part.
The valley station is located along Tomićeva ul. The upstream one is located in Strossmayerovo šetalište, in the area of ​​Grodi Grad, which stands for “Upper Town”.

The funicular consists of 2 wagons with a total capacity of 28 passengers, of which 16 seated and 12 standing. It travels with a speed of about 1.5 m / s.


The funicular runs every day, from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 06:30 (first ride) to 22:00 (last ride). The rides depart exactly every 10 minutes, however there is the possibility of requesting an emergency ride in case of need, by paying for a special ticket. The complete journey takes just one minute.


The funicular is managed by ZAT, a local transport company that also manages buses, trams and cable cars. The ticket for a single journey, valid for one journey only, costs 5HRK (0.66 €) per person. It applies exclusively to the use of the funicular.
The ticket for an emergency ride costs 25HRK per person.

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