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Dolac market. Info, how to get there, guide and opening times

Dolac Market

Zagreb is a beautiful city, particularly welcoming and lively.
Beautiful squares and monuments. Local, and outdoor cafes. And above all, so many markets. In the city, all the main neighborhoods have one.
Because, in these parts, the favorite activity is haggling.

The Dolac market, among all, is the most famous, born in the distant 1930. Particularly loved by the inhabitants who often stop off on Saturdays and Sundays, looking for some good bargains. For tourists, in general, this is one of the obligatory stops; maybe, before reaching the nearby Tkalciceva, for a stop at one of the many cafes, or for shopping in this trendy neighborhood.

From the first light of dawn, the Dolac market is a constant bustle of people, with the voices of artisans and peasants, ready to set up their stalls. Sometimes, almost manic.
The glance at the market, and the beautiful square, is truly amazing, with all the red umbrellas wide open, and the neo-Gothic Cathedral as a backdrop.

A market of other times, with an authentic taste, which has managed to maintain its traditions unaltered, offering fresh and high quality products every day; very often, transported after trips of several kilometers by train and bus, by local farmers.
During a holiday in Zagreb, be sure to visit the beautiful Dolac market. Also ideal for a simple walk.



Dolac Market

Photo ©, Mister No

The Dolac market is located in the city center, easily accessible on foot from the main points of interest in Zagreb. Anyone wishing to arrive directly by public transport can use the 150 bus line, getting off at the bus stop Trg bana J. Jelačića; alternatively, with the 105, 106, 201, 226 and 228 buses, go down to Kaptol.


The agricultural market is open every day of the year, from Monday to Saturday, from around 06: 30 to 15: 00. Sunday, from 06: 30 to 13: 00.
Our advice is to arrive before the 08: 00, especially if you visit the market during the weekend.


The Dolac market was born as an agricultural market. As such, the proposal of fruit and vegetables is always fresh and genuine. The same goes for meat and fish, with the stalls generally arranged on the sides of the market. Eggs, cheeses and seasonal products, grown in the nearby gardens, are certainly worth buying. For lovers, Dalmatian figs, and the many varieties of honey.

Even the sea products are really the Top. Often, caught a few hours earlier, in nearby Zara, or Rijeka.
Bring a good amount of local currency with you, and don’t forget to always treat the price.

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