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Getting around Grand Canyon by car, bike, foot, Shuttle Bus. Timetables

Getting around Grand Canyon

In the Grand Canyon you can easily move on foot, by bike, by car or by bus.


Three lines, allow you for getting around Grand Canyon, reaching different vantage points.
The Blue line (Village Route), is in service all year round, starting in the morning, until about 21:30. Connect the Visitor Center with different areas, campgrounds, points of interest. Within easy reach of the stops, you can also reach Shrine of the Ages, Train Depot, Bright Angel Lodge and Hermit Road Transfer Station.
The Orange Line (Keibab Rim), runs all year round, from 5am to half an hour after sunset. With this shuttle bus, you can reach Yaki Point and Pipe Creek Vista. The line also reaches the Yavapai Museum, which allows you to learn about the geological history of the Canyon.
The Red line, Hermit Road, is the most beautiful and scenic. Cross incredible landscapes and 9 viewpoints. You can leave for the suggestive Rim and Greenway Paths; take cycling routes along the route. The Mohave and Pima points are ideal for admiring an incredible sunset.
It works from the beginning of March to the end of November, from 05:00, up to 30 minutes after sunset. Runs every 15 and 30 ’, depending on the time. Keep in mind that it is often very crowded and you will find queues, especially at the Village Route Transfer stop.
From December to February, when the line is closed, private vehicle traffic is allowed.


For all these movements, organization is the fundamental element. Make sure you leave well equipped. Never be lacking in water and, above all, snacks and high-calorie foods.
Always follow the directions on the map, regarding the paths and routes to be practiced.
The journeys are always complementary to the use of the Shuttle Bus.

Also, pay attention to the altitudes that can often cause breathing problems. Especially for those not particularly used to it. Maximum attention also to unevenness.

Getting around Grand Canyon


Some areas and areas of the Canyon can be reached almost exclusively, or preferably, by car. In the South Rim area, for example, you can reach the spectacular Desert View only by car. You will have to travel about 35 km from the Visitor Center. The road is not served by the Shuttle Bus. Here, then, that moving in the Grand Canyon by car is a solution to consider. A complementary option to the shuttle bus.
Also on the southern slope, from December to February, you can use your private car to move along the Hermit Road. In this period, in fact, the Red Line does not serve.

In the North Rim area, there is no shuttle service. We move quietly by car, following the directions on the map.
Always remember that at the Visitor Center, of both areas, you can get all the information for a perfect holiday in the Canyon, including excursions, itineraries and detailed maps of the area.
Do not spare time to ask all the relevant questions.


Trans-Canyon Shuttle has been active in this wonderful area for over 25 years. With the Shuttle bus, at not exactly moderate prices, you can move between South and North Rim, and Marble Canyon.
Two departures a day, from mid-May to mid-October.

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