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One day at Grand Canyon. What to do & see. Excursions, activities, points

One day at Grand Canyon

Spectacular landscapes. Breathtaking views. Activities and excursions. There is so much to do and see at the Grand Canyon. Whether for a short trip, or a vacation of two or more days.

Dedicating a two-day visit to the Grand Canyon is, in our opinion, a good solution. In a tour, however, the Park is above all a stage of passage.
On the excellent official website, you can find all the detailed information about excursions and visits. Here, we limit ourselves to the main activities to do on vacation of one day at Grand Canyon.


If you have planned a day trip, you will have to choose only one side. And, most likely, it will be the southern one.

One day at Grand Canyon


Desert View Watchtower, is, without doubt, one of the best, and highest, observation points on the southern slope.
Here, there is a unique stone observation tower decorated with murals of Indian legends. Climbing up to the observation tower, you can enjoy a wonderful 360 ° view of the Canyon.
Hermit Road is a fantastic 7-mile route, to be tackled by bike, or with the free shuttle. It offers nine vantage points with spectacular views. You can also admire the Colorado River.

Among the most popular one-day hikes to the Grand Canyon, is the Bright Angel Trail, a steep canyon trail, which is west of Bright Angel Lodge. It may take 2 to 9 hours, depending on the destination point.
Rim Trail is a route suitable for everyone, which is mostly developed on a flat area. Several areas are accessible for people with reduced mobility. More info at the entrance of the Park, at the Visitors center.


If you have decided to spend only one day at Grand Canyon, you will hardly venture into this area.
Keep in mind that, being less touristy, it is not as equipped as the southern slope. Along the paths, among other things, there are very few water stations.
Get yourself organized.


Point Imperial is one of the best viewpoints of North Rym, in a journey of about 20 minutes to travel by car strictly.
Starting at the Visitor Center, you can admire Mount Hayden and Marble Canyon.

Bright Angel Point is a short excursion (less than a mile) on a paved path. Once you arrive at your destination, you will have spectacular views of the Canyon.
Widforss Trail is the path that connects the forest to the Canyon landscape. Impossible to cover the entire 10 miles of the route However, you can take a leisurely walk for several hundred miles.

On both sides of the Park, you will find numerous services, bars, restaurants, post offices, souvenir shops and much more.

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