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Grand Canyon. Practical info, opening times South, North Rim Park, tickets

Grand Canyon

Located in the northern part of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a magical and evocative place, to be seen at least once in one’s life. Or, perhaps, to be reviewed a second time!
A unique natural spectacle. The result of an erosion excavated by the Colorado River over millions of years. Every year, it attracts around 6 million people.

It is about 500 kilometers long, up to 1,800 m deep, and with a variable width from 500 meters to 29 kilometers. The park is divided into two sides: South Rim, and North Rim. The area to the north is incredibly beautiful and wild, and also the least touristy of the two. The South Rim, on the other hand, is the most accessible and visited area in the area.

The area around the Grand Canyon became a national monument in January 1908, and was declared a national park on February 26, 1919. Today the Grand Canyon has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is counted among the Seven Wonders of the World!

Grand Canyon



Village and Desert View, in South Rim, are open all year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
The facilities in the North Rim area, instead, are open from May to October, always for 24 hours.


The price varies depending on the vehicle used to arrive at the Park.
The cost is $35 per person, for those coming by private car, and $30 for motorcycles.
For those arriving by bus, train, bike, or on foot, the entrance ticket costs $20.
The ticket is valid for 7 consecutive days, starting from the first use, and allows access to both sides.
Keep in mind that the cost is used to finance the projects of the Park.
On special occasions, there are discounts and free admissions.


To visit the Grand Canyon, like so many other parks, you need to be prepared, and leave nothing to improvisation.
Always ask Rangers and the office for information. Always keep the map of the Park at hand, available at the information office.
Water and food should never be missing from your backpack. You will find, however, some drinking water stations scattered along different points.
Wear a hat, fresh and light clothes, appropriate for the period; wear only comfortable shoes.
Sunglasses and sun protection.
If possible, bring a hiking stick, whistle, a well-charged torch with replacement batteries.
Do not bathe in the river.

Education and respect here, as elsewhere, are fundamental. Always love everything around you. Avoid leaving traces, garbage and rubbish. Don’t throw pebbles into the river.

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Grand Canyon



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