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Erfurt. How to arrive by plane, train and car from Germany


The small hidden treasure of Thuringia.

An ancient trade route and a particularly sought after place for merchants and artists, Erfurt is, today, a small masterpiece of Germany.
A medieval fortress that preserves, almost intact, over a thousand years of history. Among churches, museums and truly amazing monuments, for beauty and majesty. You will even find one of the oldest bridges in Europe.

History, and charm come to life in every corner of the city. A particularly lively place, suitable for couples, friends, singles and families.
Ideal for exploring Thuringia, one of the most beautiful and fascinating regions of Germany.

And, if you love Christmas, try taking a leap during Advent. Many say it is the most beautiful in all of Germany.
And it will be love at first sight!




The small airport of Erfurt-Weimar, only 5 km away from the city, can hardly be considered. In fact, direct connections are limited to the cities of Antalya, Burgas, Palma de Mallorca and Varna.
However, the aircraft remains the best solution, coming from medium to long-range distances.
The international airport of Leipzig / Halle, about 150km away, is an excellent reference base. From the airport you can reach the Halle HBF train station by S-Bahn. The total travel time is approximately 70 minutes. The big party gives €19.90 to the person second in the prenotation period.

An excellent alternative is the international airport of Nuremberg, which is about 230km away. From the airport, in U-Bahn and ICE, you can arrive at your destination.
The total travel time is between 90 and 120′ and includes the change. I biglietti partono gives €31.90 to person


With over 12 million passengers a year, Erfurt HBF is one of the main rail hubs in Central Germany.
Housed in a 19th-century building, the central station is located in the city center, allowing easy travel within the city. On foot, or by public transport.
ICE connections are guaranteed with the main German cities: Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Nuremberg and many others. From here, moreover, numerous regional RE lines and 5 tram lines pass.

The trains are modern, efficient and particularly reliable. In our opinion, they represent the best solution to arrive in the city of Thuringia from Germany.


Geographically positioned almost in the center of the Country, the city is easily accessible by car, crossing the motorway network.
From the Capital, to the north, the distance is about 300 km. To the south, Nuremberg and Munich are approximately 230 and 410 kilometers away respectively.
Prague, to the east, is just over 300 km away.
Distances, however, that can be traveled directly in half a day.

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The City




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