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Transport Tickets Erfurt. Prices, typology. Where to buy tickets

Transport Tickets Erfurt

To travel by public transport and move around Erfurt, simply buy the CityTarif transport tickets Erfurt, available in different types.

Einzelfahrt CityTarif Erfurt, allows you to make a one-way trip, by bus and Stadtbahn, within 60′ of validation. During this time, you can get on and off the vehicle. However, a return trip is not permitted with this ticket. It costs €2.50 per adult and €1.70 reduced for children aged 8 to 15.
The 4-Fahrtenkarte ticket allows you to make 4 trips, even for 2 different people. You can also use it on different days. Each ticket, of the 4, has the same characteristics as the Einzelfahrt ticket. It costs €9 in the adult version, and €6.10 reduced.

Transport Tickets Erfurt

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If you want to make 3 or more trips within a day, it is convenient to purchase day tickets.
Tageskarte. A day ticket that is valid from validation until 3am the following day. It costs €6.20 per person and allows unlimited travel on buses and trams in Erfurt.
Gruppentageskarte. Excellent and cheap, it is ideal for families on vacation. It costs €12.20, and is valid for two adults and 3 children up to 14 years of age, for unlimited travel on the entire network, for a whole day.

Erfurt TravelCard, is a special card that allows you to travel on all city transport, and visit the main museums and attractions of the city. It costs € 21.90, and is valid for 48 hours from validation. If you are planning to visit the splendid city museums, this card is definitely for you.

Children under the age of 8 travel for free on trams and Stadtbahns, as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.


There are numerous points of sale (merchants displaying the EVAG brand), and over 50 automatic machines, operating 24 hours a day, in numerous areas of the city. At the distributors, you can pay with coins, banknotes, credit card (also contactless), Google Pay or Apple Pay.

It is possible to purchase Erfurt transport tickets, also through the official FAIRTIQ app. The 10% discount on the single journey ticket is currently active. You simply have to download the app (iOS and Android), and make a short registration (by entering data and credit card). Once activated, you will need to check-in as soon as the journey begins, and check-out when it ends.

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