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Getting around Erfurt by bus tram Stadtbahn, and on foot. Lines

Getting around Erfurt

For the historic center, which is not particularly extensive, one moves almost exclusively on foot. By public transport, you can reach the suburbs and move around the city during the day.
The public service, managed by SWE/EVAG, is guaranteed by buses and trams in service from morning until late evening, with a night service starting from midnight until 04:00. Highly efficient, public transport has been awarded the Best European Local Transport Award!


Getting around Erfurt

The ideal solution for getting around Erfurt in a practical, comfortable and reliable way.
In these parts it is called Stadtbahn, and represents a sort of evolution of the old tramway line. Today, it carries more than 100,000 people a day.

The Stadtbahn is the hub of public transport in Erfurt and Thuringia. The network consists of 6 lines active every day, from Monday to Sunday. Line 1, the main city route, runs from Europaplatz to Thuringehalle, and runs from morning until about 11:50 pm. From midnight, night service is also active until 04:00. Five of the 6 lines have a common interchange in the central railway station Erfurt HBF.
By tram you can easily move around the city and, above all, admire the most beautiful streets and squares in Erfurt.

At peak times, during weekdays, there are up to 6 trips per hour. Saturdays and Sundays, frequencies from 15 to 30 minutes.


Less practical and faster than the trams, the buses are ideal for getting around Erfurt along the peripheral areas and neighborhoods not crossed by the tram.
The public service remains, in any case, impeccable. The fleet is modern and efficient. Most vehicles are equipped with a low floor.
The lines are active from morning to night. The frequency varies depending on the bus.


In a city where transport is the real flagship, great attention has been paid to the aspect of accessibility. Today, disabled people will have no difficulty moving around Erfurt by public transport. Almost all tram and bus stops are accessible to wheelchair users. In addition, all the stops have a special display which indicates whether the vehicle is perfectly accessible for the disabled.


Starting in mid-2019, scooters (e-scooters) have been authorized to move around the city. An economical and ecological way to get around, avoiding traffic jams.

There are several scooter rental agencies. Among the many we point out Lime and Tier, whose prices are almost identical. The first is a well-known electric bike rental agency, which for some years has also been in the e-scooter sector.

To rent your scooter, you simply need to download the app (on iOS and Google Play), entering some simple data and a card for payment. The cost to unlock the scooter is €1, to which you must add €0.15 for each minute of use.

For short-term trips, the scooter is an excellent solution for getting around Erfurt. Always remember to use common sense on the street, avoiding darting between passers-by.

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