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Chalki, island of Dodecanese. Most beautiful islands of Greece. How to get


The island of Peace and friendship, as defined by UNESCO.
The island of a thousand colors and scents of Greece.

Small, beautiful, welcoming, refined and wild at the same time, Chalki (also known as Halki) is one of the most unexplored jewels of the Dodecanese, not far from Rhodes.
A little corner of paradise that you will immediately learn to love for its genuineness and authentic appearance.

Beautiful beaches, transparent and crystalline waters, remains of castles and fortresses, suggestive chapels. And, its splendid capital, where you can stroll through its cobbled streets, among the colors of bougainvillea and scents of prickly pears.
In addition to the splendid Niborio, to the small unspoiled fishing villages, you can organize an excursion to nearby Alimia, a truly paradisiacal uninhabited island!

Chalki Island Greece

History and tradition characterize Helki. Just attend, for example, the traditional celebrations of August 19th at the Monastery of Agios Johanni, the most heartfelt religious festival on the whole island.



The island does not have its own airport. The only viable solution is the ship. Anyone wishing to use the plane will be able to make a stopover in nearby Rhodes, which is well connected with direct seasonal flights with the main European destinations. From the latter, you can reach the Greek island in just over two hours.
Alternatively, you can land at the international airport of Karpathos, another important island of the Dodecanese. From here, by ship, it takes about 3 and a half hours.


Every day, in high season, there are up to 16 crossings to/from Chalki, with journeys starting from around 50 minutes. Anek Lines and Dodek Anisos Seaweys are the main shipping companies offering connections to Athens, Crete, the Cyclades islands and the Dodecanese.

From nearby Rhodes, it can be reached in just 70 minutes by fast ship, and about two hours by ferry. From the port of Diafani, north of Karpathos, it takes 2 hours, while from the port of Karpathos Town about 3 hours and 30 minutes.
There are routes with Tilos, Nisiros, Kos, Kalymnos & Stampalia (in the Dodecanese), with Iraklio & Sitia (island of Crete), Kasos, Piraeus-Athens, Thira, Anafi and Milos (in the Cyclades islands).

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