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Getting around Chalki by bus, taxi, on foot. Most fascinating Greek islands

Getting around Chalki

Arm yourself with comfortable shoes, protection and appropriate clothing. Anyone wishing getting around Chalki will have no means available, if not their own legs. Exceptions are the few taxis, and a minibus that operates exclusively in summer, with timetables to be checked on the spot.

There are no rental agencies, and with the exception of a few taxis, minibuses and minivans, no vehicles circulate throughout the island.

Getting around Chalki in Greece


Emborios, the port, is the only inhabited center on the island. The old capital (Chorio) is now a sort of uninhabited town, with some shepherds, the remains of a fortress and some church.
The port itself is the real animated center (so to speak!) Of the whole island.
Especially in the summer when the ships arrive.
The Port with its picturesque pastel-colored houses can only be explored on foot.

To reach some nearby areas and the few structures on the island, it is advisable to organize yourself in advance by booking the transfer service.

For getting around Chalki on foot, and to reach the beaches and the various observation points, a minimum of predisposition to physical activity is required. The beautiful inlet of Trachia, for example, requires at least an hour of walking. (over 3 kilometers).
Pondamos and Ftenagia are the most easily accessible beaches, with a distance of no more than 15 minutes on foot.


Despite recent advances in terms of tourist influx, transport to the island is still quite limited.

Transportation by taxi and minibus is reduced to approximately 7/8 kilometers of paved road on the island.
From the main square there are at least 3 daily trips to Kania, Pondamos and Ftenagia, with costs around €1.50 per person.
In high season, there is also a route to Horio, with a stop of about 30′ at the Monastery.
It is advisable to inquire directly in the square near the Port.

Finding a taxi available in high season to get around Chalki can be a real challenge. Costs start from a minimum of €4 for the nearby Pondamos, up to over €20.

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