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See in Chalki: Castle, port, monastery. Itineraries, how to get there

See in Chalki

The first image of Chalki is undoubtedly a postcard, with the picturesque houses that form the backdrop to the Port.
The latter is the real hub of the island, as well as the only inhabited center. And it is from here that excursions to the beaches and the main places of interest of Chalki depart.

Environment and landscape are the main answers on what to see in Chalki. An ideal island if you are looking for peace and tranquility: you will find them in abundance all over the island.
A few days and you can feel “family”. Hospitality is one of the prerogatives and, above all, the number of inhabitants (just 300 souls) is such that after a few days of stay you could already be considered honorary citizens of Chalki!


Port of Halki Dodecanese

Photo ©, Enpatrais

A single inhabited center, truly beautiful and characteristic, framed by windmills, picturesque houses, and the color of the stone, characteristic of the whole island.
The red roofs of the houses are almost in contrast to the pastel colors of some houses.
The Port is the most characteristic part of Chalki, an island that once counted over 4000 souls.
Today, its importance can be noticed by the presence of some buildings, and the imposing bell tower that stands on the opposite side of the beautiful Agios Nikolaos. The latter is the main church of the island, dating back to the nineteenth century.

The alleys of the center are really suggestive. Every now and then you meet some taverns.


In search of what to do in Chalki, the ancient inhabited center (Horio or even Chorio) represents one of the unmissable stops. It is a very suggestive place, today almost completely uninhabited, built over the remains of an ancient necropolis. The old settlement was built almost vertically, on the slopes of the hill from which it dominates the Kastro, in a privileged position.

What to See in Chalki Kastro

Photo ©, Homo soveticus
Along the way you will find the remains of ancient ruins and some well-preserved Greek Orthodox churches.

At the top it dominates the Kastro, the ancient Castle of the Knights, built in the fourteenth century by the Knights of St. John. Part of the perfectly restored walls surround, inside, numerous ruins and a temple of which frescoes from the 15th and 17th centuries are partially visible. Still visible today, along the outer part of the walls, the coat of arms of the Grand Master of Aubusson.
From the top of the Castle, the view sweeps across the surrounding nature and the wonderful colors of the Aegean, with the inlets of Yialos and Trachia just below.
A real spectacle for the view, especially at sunset, with the islands of Karpathos, Rhodes and Tilos on display.

Chorio and the Kastro can be reached via a walk of about an hour from the port. The last stretch to the Castle is all uphill and devoid of any shaded area. It is almost mandatory to wear a hat and protection. Also remember to always wear comfortable shoes and to carry plenty of water in your backpack.


Agios Johanni is another unmissable stop on what to see in Chalki. The protagonist is not the architecture but the location, isolated and quiet, in the middle of nowhere. A really challenging walk with a considerable difference in height, having to go through Mount Profiti Ilias, the highest point on the island.
You pass the old inhabited center and continue eastwards, for a total of about 8 kilometers from the port.
Those who did not plan to make such a journey can opt for the minibus which in high season leaves from the central square and arrives at the Monastery, passing through the Kastro.


From the Kastro road, a detour is made to the north to reach the solitary chapel overlooking the pebble beach of the same name. The latter is located just over a kilometer of path from the Chapel.
The view of the whole area north of Chalki is beautiful.


It is an area north-east of the port where archaeological remains and ruins are mainly visible. Among these, the ruins of an ancient Castle of the Knights, built on a pre-existing Hellenistic fortification. Along the coast, in Pefkia, the remains of an ancient Temple of Apollo are also visible

Do not miss the excursions to the nearby islands of Kremasti and Alimia, small and absolutely fascinating.

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